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CSET English – Poetry

I’m trying to wrap my head around everything I need to study. In January, I have to take all four test for the CSET English. The CSET English Poetry sections in study guides are always a bit lacking in my opinion. I’ve developed my own study guide in order to get what I need. I decided to use my website as a means to learn more about a topic I enjoy. Writing. ABC These poems have five lines and use mood and imagery to evoke feelings from the reader. The first…

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Barcode New War Order (NWO) Preview Books 

Barcode: New War Order Cover Art Preview

The cover art for my novel isn’t in just yet, but if you’d like to see how it’s coming along, here’s a little preview. My cover artists never cease to amaze me. We’ve had the most interesting 4 months ever. None of us have gotten the work done that we said we would in the predicted time, which is great because it means we all run on the same frequency. I’m currently hashing out the last few edits. For those caught up with the story, Barcode: New War Order will…

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Moving From Writer to Self-Publisher

Becoming an indie author can be a bit scary, but there are plenty of resources on the web to assist with the transition. In short, here are some things you should know: Take your time. Don’t rush the process. Advertise a lot before releasing your novel. Hire a professional cover artist. Get an editor. If you can afford two, even better! Work diligently, and when you think you’re done, re-write it. There are plenty of mistakes to be made when you self-publish your novel for the first time. However, taking…

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My Next Big Thing

A good friend, Kiersi, suggested this blog hop. I’ll participate because I haven’t been blogging much lately. Finally, some inspiration! 1. What is the working title of your book? Currently, my next novel is Barcode: New War Order. 2. Where did the idea come from for the book? My wife and I had this discussion yesterday. I think New War Order came from me seeing an old school wrestling match with New World Order, and I thought, “Let’s make a novel about that.” NOT WRESTLING. I mean the concept of…

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Being Social in Social Media

If you’re an author trying to advertise your novel on Twitter or any other Social Media website, it’s important that you understand the importance of being social. Many people tend to hop online and post multiple advertisements like “Buy your copy of Barcode: Legend of Apollo by clicking this link: http://amzn.to/xDtv9c #Free #Kindle #YA #Fantasy #SciFi”. I personally use advertisement like that in order to get my novel some extra attention. The hashtags are especially important for getting exposure for eBooks.  However, I don’t overuse these posts. It’s important to understand…

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Things You Shouldn’t Do In Novels

A friend of mine asked a very interesting question,”When it comes to novel writing, what are some things I shouldn’t do?” I answered in the video below. In summary, here’s some advice: Don’t combine dialog Keep conversation simple/natural Don’t say “said” Use actions to reveal speaker Use character traits to reveal speaker I cover the topics in detail: As promised, here’s the list of words that replace say: accused acknowledged acquiesced acquired added addressed admitted admonished advised advocated affirmed agreed alleged allowed alluded alternatives to said announced answered apologized appeased…

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What’s The Rush?

First, let me admit: I’m guilty of rushing the production of my novels. It’s very true. I’ve released novels before they were ready and suffered the consequences. However, I didn’t have anyone guiding me on the straight and narrow. There was no one yelling, “Slow the eff down!” like I’m doing for you. Producing a novel when it is not ready is a big issue. It’s something that can make or break your sales. So far, I’ve probably resubmitted Barcode: Legend of Apollo at least twenty times. There were large…

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start-from-scratch Writing 

Writing Novels From Scratch

If you’re considering beginning your first novel or writing another, you may know that beginning is an obstacle in itself. NaNoWriMo motivates many people to write their novels within a month. If you’re beginning the journey of writing a novel in a month or taking your time, here’s some writing advice to begin your manuscript: Outline Your Story One great way to outline is to look at stories that were successful and mimicking their process. For example, take the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight begins with the Joker and his crew…

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Barcode Legend of Apollo Fan Art Books 

First Barcode Fan Art

I wanted to share this the very second I acquired it, but I had to wait to receive permission for the artist. Here’s the first fan art for my novel, Barcode: Legend of Apollo. It’s pretty amazing has a great twist to it. I love the style and the personality behind the characters. It’s very accurate. Leave your opinion and let me know what you think. If you’re interested in more art from Mars, visit his website. He’s an incredible graphic design artist.  

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Is it Difficult to Market Novels Online?

Is online marketing hard? Yes. There are many ways to market your novel online. I personally use social media websites to market my novels and that gets tedious. Writing blogs, interacting on Facebook, posting witty comments on Twitter, and staying active on Goodreads can consume a lot of your time. Worst of all, social media is only the beginning. If you want your novel to get the most exposure, you have to create backlinks. Backlinks are websites that link to your website. You don’t want the links to go both…

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