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Next Big Brand – Wreck It Ralph

Learning to create a brand can be difficult, but Wreck It Ralph is on the the path for success. First, I want to say that my wife and I will be in the theaters on the weekend of its release. We won’t be late. We will have snacks. And yes, watch it when all the  loud kids are asleep (morning time). Back to the topic: Wreck It Ralph has already branded itself. There’s no work to be done here. This franchise will have a Part 2 and 3. I’m almost…

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Cutting Back

This week, I took time to revise my novel, cutting back on unnecessary explanations and lengthy conversations. I spent an entire week revising book one in The Barcode Series. I’m already working on the fourth novel (Eyes That Kill), but I knew the first book needed some attention. I probably invested 60 hours in seven days, and the work payed off. Halfway through the manuscript, I could see my growth as a writer and editor. There were so many things I wanted to improve and I did. Though I spent a significant…

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Barcode: Legend of Apollo Second Edition

I’m currently working on a second edition to my first novel, Legend of Apollo. It’s a streamline version of the first novel. After reading all my reviews and learning a bit more about branding and marketing, I realized that my novel isn’t at its best. Currently, the novel is at 116,000 words. (Actually, I’ve already begun chopping away at it so it’s around 111,000). That’s a problem. It’s too long for the average reader and there’s a lot of unnecessary information. I recently had a discussion with another online marketing…

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Good Music’s Writing Advice

What is good music? I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard that phrase in my lifetime. Kanye West even named an entire label “GOOD Music” though his newest artists are far from being capable of producing anything that can qualify as good. Good music has an engaging story and emotional tone. It draws you in and helps you experience the writer’s situation. Many songs try telling you a story from beginning to end. That’s not the way music works and it shouldn’t be how you write. The most…

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Heart Attack Writing Advice

Trey Songz has immaculate writing skills. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s a novelist, screenwriter, and playwright. Doode has skillz (like how I used that “z”?) In one of his more recent tracks–though most of his music is recent because he makes enough mixtapes to fill an iPod–Songz speaks about relationships. I’m talking about “Heart Attack” and for those of you unfamiliar with the track, you can guess from the title that this relationship didn’t end well. For you writers out there, I want to analyze the lyrics to…

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Best Checklist for Writers Writing 

Checklist for Marketing Novels

I just saw a very generic blog post (that was well written) about 10 things you shouldn’t do when publishing your first novel. It’s great advice for someone that has absolutely no clue what they’re doing, but it doesn’t help anyone that has conducted their own research. I decided to post a checklist of things to do when publishing your first novel. This is the free version. In the future, I’ll tell you how to spend your money. Start a Blog When you’re first beginning, you should have web presence….

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Simple SEO Advice for Authors

If you’re an author preparing your first website in order to market your novel or your name, there’s a few things to keep in mind: Keep It Simple Your site, like your writing, should be simple. Don’t get complex with many bells and whistles. If you have a lot of categories or tags for your posts, visitors won’t know where to begin or end. Limit your site between 3 and 7 categories. You can tag as much as you want, but try to keep a centralized focus so visitors know…

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Alex Cross

If you’ve heard the name before, then you’ll be excited to know that Alex Cross has returned to the big screen. Oh wait. He’s being played by Tyler Perry. Uh…shit. Yeah. It’s that bad. Alex Cross is a criminal psychologist fictional character written by James Patterson. The success of the novel speaks for itself. There are three films about it (Kiss the Girl, Along Came the Spider, and Alex Cross). The first two movies are played by Morgan Freeman, but somehow we’ve downgraded to Tyler Perry. Don’t get me wrong,…

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Taken 2

My original reaction to hearing about the release of Taken 2 was :/ Sorry I can’t describe it in words, but that face does an excellent job. Though I was quite “meh” about the idea, I realized that this is great for writers to understand the concept of branding. It’s the same reason that Pixar stopped making new movies for a short period of time. (Yes we just shifted from Taken to Toy Story, but stick with me). When Pixar was bought by Disney, Disney decided to concentrate on branding….

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What Makes Sex Taboo?

When writing about sexual intercourse, I feel both horny and dirty. The latter disturbs me. Why should people feel dirty? Why is it that expressing one’s sexuality is so taboo? Sex is natural. There’s like a 98% likelihood that you were born from sex (don’t quote the number, I’m infamously known for creating statistics that benefit my arguments). If you came from a silky vagina, why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy a discourse about one? Why not an entire book? The answer: Stupid people. Who are stupid people? If you check…

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