Barcode Front Cover Writing 

Barcode: New War Order Release

Currently, I’m still in the process of developing New War Order. However, I haven’t had time to write any chapters for a long time. For those that read other post, you may have known that I didn’t have a job after relocating to Southern California. I searched diligently and couldn’t find anything until recently. Now, I’m working at a real estate company doing the same thing I do here, blogging. I manage SEO and social media websites. My goal is to drive traffic to websites. Though I knew a little…

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Black Microphone Books Interviews 

Interview With Author Tracy Kauffman – My Boyfriend The Squire

Who are you and what makes you  special? I am a new author from North Alabama and love writing for young adults and children. I am a Christian who is trying to make a difference in the world today. I hope to inspire others, educate, and edify others in a positive way. I do not think I am any more special than anyone else trying to write a novel, but I do want to do a service for others. Sell “My Boyfriend the Squire” to us. My Boyfriend the Squire…

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Homer-Working-Hard Writing 

Working Hard

I have a confession: I haven’t touched Barcode: New War Order once this week. The story has developed magnificently and I’m really proud of my work. I can see my growth. I’m hoping that my ability to draw in readers has increased, but I can’t get any good practice in right now. My life has been hectic since I started my new job. I’ve worked on writing blogs, got a speeding ticket, had two arguments with friends, and still have plenty unfinished tasks. Though I’m listing off my stress, it…

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Fey Touched Cover By Erin Zarro Books Interviews 

Erin Zarro – Fey Touched Interview

I’ve seen some beautiful cover art in my days, but uh-oh here’s some gorgeous stuff. Fey Touched is a novel that’s set to release August 1st. Mark your calenders because based on this review, you’ll want to read the story. Interview Who are you? I am Erin Zarro, a poet, novelist, and fine art photographer lving in Michigan. I’m married to a wonderful guy and we have a feline daughter named Hailey who we believe is part vampire. Part Vamp, aye? You sound like a fantasy writer. <–Look at that seamless transition…

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Kindle Writing 

End of KDP Select – Barcode Now Available To Date

It’s been a very long and fairly successful KDP Select experience. For those of you who don’t know, KDP Select locks you in a contract with Amazon. You’re only allowed to sell a digital copy of your novel with them for 90 days. In return, you’ll receive free advertising and shares in their profits. How does it work? I didn’t really understand until I performed a Google search for “Barcode: Legend of Apollo.” What I found were several websites with my novel listed as a freebie during your promotional days….

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images Writing 

Write A Unique Story, Like Everyone Else

Making a story unique can be a serious challenge. There’s tons of advice out there on how to make something creative and better than what came before, but is that always the goal. No. Occasionally, you only want to improve on small aspects and flaws in a story. Is that true? Shouldn’t my entire story be unique and brand new? No. Currently, most writers are only going as far as to figure out ways to reinvent Twilight or Harry Potter. Wizards and vamps have pretty much taken over Fantasy. If…

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one_piece_wallpaper4_800_600 Writing 

What Makes You Different

When the author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, tried coming up with his character, Monkey D. Luffy, he asked himself what he could do differently than Dragon Ball Z. The main character of that story, Goku, could do nearly everything that any child could ever dream. He could fly, teleport, had super strength, and could shoot fireballs from his hand. What’s left after that? There’s plenty left. If you’re into any type of creative art, you must know that there’s always plenty left that you can do. Don’t let your…

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seppuku Writing 

The Life Of A Writer

Just thought I’d let people know what it’s like on a day-to-day basis for some of us writers: Wake up…decide to write a novel Worry who will want to read it Does research on publishing and finds a gem: Self Publishing! Writes book Goes to sleep Wake up again Publish on Amazon Goes to sleep Wakes up No sales Sleep Wakes up in the middle of the night to pee No sales Sleep Wakes up and checks sales on nearest electronic device: 1 Sale!!! Mom calls and says, “You sound…

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hearing-loss-domino-effect Writing 


Yesterday, I visited one of my cousins in order to teach him how to play dominoes. He thought he’d never learn, but it did pretty well. For those that haven’t played, dominoes is a really simple game that can get complex. Here’s what the game looks like:  That’s the dominoes in the box. You remove the pieces and connect them. In order to score, your dominoes have to add up to a product of five. For standard rules, the highest possible score at one time is 35, but that’s rare….

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negative-reviews Writing 

Consistency in Novel Reviews

Writers expect reviews. It’s a given. When you create anything online nowadays, you can almost always expect someone to respond. Smart writers expect bad reviews. I read a quote on someone’s website yesterday that said, “It’s not difficult to get a review. It’s really easy to get one star reviews.” Ain’t that the truth? But it’s not a bad thing. Getting a one star review means someone actually purchased your story and read the entire thing, generally. I appreciate all of my reviews, good or bad. My only problem is…

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