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Guest Post – The Independent Author’s Guide to Self-Promotion

Advertising is hard. I don’t know how the guys on Mad Men do it. I had to jump right in it with both feet because I had little choice. I’m an indie author. I exemplify “independent” in every possible way. I have no agent, no publicist, no major publshing house behind me doing the heavy lifting so I can focus on nothing but writing. All I have are some close friends and family reading each chapter as I finish them. They call me on mistakes and try to poke holes…

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Taking Time To Relax

I think I’ve been stressing over writing novels too much lately. Grace Elliot recently did a guest post for gaining readership. One of the things she speaks about is cranking out enough novels to gain a larger audience. Similar thoughts have been on my mind a lot. So much that they were becoming destructive. Normally, I’m the type of writer that can sit down for an hour and crank out one or two chapters, occasionally three. My speed is nice and the quality often follows, though I make enough mistakes…

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Guest Post – Word Count or Time Target

I ran into another author on the web *digital crash*. This time it’s Grace Elliot. I received a blurb for Eulogy’s Secret, so I’m pretty excited about the book myself. You can see the Jane Austen influence in the cover. Want some advice on writing a novel? Here’s Grace: Word count or time target – which is more productive? The key to success (or one of them!) is getting the next book out there to build a loyal readership. In these days of instant gratification, when readers buy into your…

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Writing Versus Publishing

There’s a difference. Authors that write for themselves find the process therapeutic and stress free. Writing without having an audience in mind makes things fun and adventurous. Those that write with the intent of publishing and marketing their books make the process a job. The central focus is to create something readers like so they’ll want to continue with the series or tell a friend about the book. I don’t know if one is better than the other, but I’m somewhere in the middle. I write whatever I want, but I’m always…

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Trade Tareq Hassan Books Interviews 


I was fortunate enough to meet a writer by the name of Tareq Hassan. He’s the author of Trade–a mystery and thriller with so many details and insights to the CIA, you’ll wonder what the author really knows. Tareq was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me about his novel. You can read the interview below. Tell us about your book. Trade is a spy thriller and follows the exploitation by different players of a naive Arab-American during the opening months of the War on Terror. It also…

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Breaking Down Generic Stories – FF7 vs Portal 2

I’m working on two manuscripts currently. My editor has Book 2 of the Barcode series, Cavern of Youth, and I’m slowly writing New War Order, Book 3. I’m a bit ashamed to admit this, but I experimented with the Hero’s Journey for Book 2. For those that don’t know, this journey is a cycle that heroes go through. I won’t bore you, but just think Harry Potter or Avatar. Anything really. Most American stories are built on this. Why? Why would I do something so generic? Whhhhhy? I know. I…

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Writing To “Monster”

I haven’t done this since my last site crashed. Basically the rules are, I have to write a story to a song. I generally throw on my Pandora and go for the first one. Today, that happens to be Monster. However, since I know another song with that title, I think I’ll mix them together and see what I get. Monster – Played 5 times (I’m getting slower bleh) Terrance’s blade slashes Samantha across the chest. Though the burning sensation is enough to make her release a frantic yelp, it’s…

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KDP Select Results – End Of Day One

Before today, I was ranked 113, 966 in the Kindle store. Here are my results as of 11:00 p.m. #826 Free in Kindle Store #43 in Fantasy #29 in Science Fiction #12 in Contemporary Fantasy #1 in High Tech Science Fiction I’ve followed these numbers all day. Sometimes, I found myself staring at them for no reason at all. I’ve always been a numbers guy. I like to see results. Don’t judge me. Though this is a two day promotion that gives away my novel for free, I’m still very…

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kdp-select Writing 

Experimenting With KDP Select

Over the past few months, I’ve received some really good advice from an author friend that I trust, Russell Brooks. Three months ago, he entered all three of his novels into the KDP Select program.   The program was very successful for him. Yet, I always knew he had three books compared to my one and many more reviews. I knew that my experience would be very different. One of his books affect the other, allowing him the possibility to triple his sales. I nervously debated joining the program, but…

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The Long Awaited Reunion

Authors/Writers have a great way of building things up. The objective of any fantasy story is to create a conflict and resolve it, but the build up to the conflict is what matters the most. Anyone that watches the WWE knows what I’m talking about. Shoot…I don’t watch it and even I know that The Rock and John Cena have been scheduled to fight for a year. A YEAR! <— I never write in caps or use arrows so you can see how amazed I am. One damn year? That’s…

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