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When I was a kid, I thought tears were horrible. Crying was the worst thing. It meant that I was hurt. Weak. Sad. Frustrated. Angry. Tears meant a lot of things. Now that I’m a father, I realize that tears mean growth. Sometimes I have to let my son cry and that hurts. But I know that he’s learning something in that moment. Consequently, he may learn that he cannot trust me for everything. But that’s just like spirituality. Sometimes I cry and wonder why God would let something bad…

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iStock-Unfinished-Business-12 Yellow Diamond Hunter 


I just reached page 193 of 350 in Yellow Diamond Hunter. Currently, the goal is to publish in 7 days. I’d need to edit 22.4 pages per day in order to make this final deadline. Last week, I averaged 24 pages per day, but that’s with a lot of work done on the weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll reach my goal, but I’m trying. The story is coming along. These final edits are actually tying in some key points and removing some unnecessary detail, which I’m infamous for. Hopefully, this will…

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Yellow Diamond Hunter Cover Writing 

Yellow Diamond Hunter Cover Reveal

I can’t believe that I haven’t done this yet, but the cover is here for Yellow Diamond Hunter. Actually, I’ve had it for over a week now. I’m really excited about this cover. It’s not the anime style that many of you have grown accustom to. I actually hate that it isn’t. I wish that I could give it that anime feel, but when I consider my career, I have to think about what appeals to a larger audience. That being said, my cover artist, Glynnis Koike, never disappoints. She…

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Blue or Black Hoodie Life 

White or Gold Dress? Blue or Black Hoodie?

Blue or black. White or gold? This debate went viral yesterday. Consequently, I was distracted enough to forget about the hoodie that killed Trayvon Martin. That young man died on the same day that we got distracted by this “debate.” On February 26, 2014, a child was shot down by someone who continues to break the law. I wonder how many Facebook photos would have changed yesterday if this wasn’t such a large issue. How many hoodies would have been posted again? Maybe none. Maybe many. The great dress debate could…

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2 Story_0 Life Writing 

Two Sides to a Story

It’s amazing how two people can tell one story differently. An elementary student views a teacher’s criticism as embarrassing. To be reprimanded in front of their friends can seem like the end of their world. But the teacher can view that moment as an opportunity for growth. A husband can kiss his wife goodnight to express his love. The wife can think he has an ulterior motive. “He wants something.” A guy can think that he finally made love to his girl. The girl can feel that she was raped. There…

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Mind Fart Writing 

Mind Fart

I just wrote an email about mind farts. That’s when a writer’s mind gets gassy. They can’t think of anything to jot down on paper. I’m not saying that I never draw a blank when writing, but I rarely allow it to prevent me from producing something. Mind farts are all about how much you are afraid to fail. If you fear the work that you will produce, you will never write anything worthwhile. Being an author is all about taking risks. Sometimes, you just need to experiment with the…

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florentinediamond2 Books 

Editing Updates for Sol of Ruby

So I’ve been MIA and it’s mostly because of my time management. I was forced to choose between spending 15 minutes writing an article for the website or 15 more minutes of editing. I am currently working on the first novel in my next series. I originally intended to hire an editor to publish this novel. Unfortunately, my son’s expenses were a little more than I could budget for. Therefore, I was given two options: Write all 3 novels of the series and publish them once I have enough money…

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20141018_090144 Life 

Accidents Happen

I got into an accident today. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. I didn’t get much sleep the night before because my son’s Levana Oma decided to go off every twenty minutes for an hour. Then, there was the feeding. Still, I managed to avoid slamming into the car in front of me when the brakes were applied. Yet, the lady behind me couldn’t manage. The damage isn’t serious. I’m just a little frustrated because I got that car after another accident. Ironically, that wasn’t my fault either….

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White Noise 2 Life 

White Noise

The above image was a view from my friends’ beautiful wedding. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a helicopter hovering above the lake. We were delayed by two hours because of the white noise that the helicopters produced. There was a fire in the mountains that you see in the image. When things were at their worst, one of the other groomsmen asked, “Is that mist or smoke?” Smoke. There was no hope at that hour, due to the 104 degree temperature. Of course, even after two hours, the choppers…

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