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Should Authors Respond to Reviewers

This week has been really rough. I spent most of my time in the woods, attempting to sleep on a thin mattress with a lawnmower worthy snorer on both sides of the room. Then, I return to the city to discover that my old apartment complex is working diligently to bend me over and shove various objects in my rectum (metaphorically speaking that is). Now, I check my book stats and discover new reviews. But before we get into those, let me tell you about a gentleman I met this…

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Barcode: Eyes That Kill

It’s official. The cover art for Barcode: Eyes That Kill has been completed. The popping colors and intricate design sets a new standard for my novels. I was utterly shocked and amazed throughout the entire process. My artists, Stephanie Yang and Glynnis Koike, are stupid good. It’s that simple. Each character had their own struggle. Bailey began as a very mature looking kid. Well, she’s supposed to look mature, but I wanted her to have a soft feel. However, I didn’t want to express that to Stephanie because I loved…

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Deus Ex Machina

Recently, I found a new review for one of my novels, Barcode: Cavern of Youth. The review was actually written by someone that I respect as a reviewer. His opinion is always firm and factually based. I enjoy reading his criticism of my work. In my personal opinion, he didn’t enjoy Legend of Apollo, and I knew the series wasn’t for him. However, I still wanted the reviewer to read Cavern of Youth because I could learn something from his critiques. Because I respect this gentleman and he knows I…

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Why ‘Self-Helps’ Don’t Help (Part 2)

Review In yesterday’s post, I decided to expose the “psychic nature” of Self-Helps. In other words, I expressed reasons why Self-Helps don’t work. Today, I want to give specific examples. I’d like to compare real life situations to Self-Help genres. Why ‘Self-Helps’ Don’t Help Relationships Let’s start with the numero uno, grand champion of failing Self-Helps. First thing to note in Amazon’s genre filter: Relationship books aren’t even listed under Self-Help. They’re hidden. The smart people at Amazon know that if you’re looking for a novel about being a better…

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Why ‘Self-Helps’ Don’t Help (Part 1)

Background Information Recently, I’ve taken a temporary position at a computer lab. The previous lab attendant is out on maternity leave. That woman is actually the inspiration of this post. When I meet new people, I Google them. Holding true to my habit, I typed her unique name online and found several websites about her. Like me, the young lady is an author. However, she writes Self-Help Novels. I have nothing against the books or their writers. However, after seeing her video post about another author, I really wanted to…

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CavernYouth Writing 

Why The Hell Is COY Free?

Originally, I planned to write a 7 series story, Barcode. The series were meant to follow the life of Kode, the villain of the first novel. Even from the story’s conception, I always intended to make Legend of Apollo free. I learned from other up and coming writers, that the FREE stamp helps authors gain exposure. However, I recently set my second novel on fire, Cavern of Youth. Though the novel’s sales were increasing monthly, I decided to list it for free as well. Why? Is there any benefit? Don’t…

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Anyone Can Write

It’s true. Anyone can put a pen to paper and develop a story. And honestly, it doesn’t take much skill long after to develop the story into a best seller. All you need is dedication. In fact, anyone can do anything. Sure. That’s the Flower Child thing to say, but dammit, I’m a hippie. I love the smell of the outdoors and believe that everyone is a genius in their own right. So do whatever you feel inspires you. Right now, you probably have a dream to develop the next…

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Fabulous Writing 


I have a problem with this lifestyle. I try not to judge people, but I hate when someone can be considered “fabulous.” If my son or daughter were to ever say, “Hey, pops. I’m gay.” I’ll reply, “So?” If my kids were to admit that they were serial killers, I’d have a long discussion, but I’d still love them. If the geniuses that emerge from my wife’s womb plot to take over the Earth, I will high-five them and lay out a blueprint for my schemes. But if one of…

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Reading Is Fundamental

Recently, I met a gentleman that moved from the South to California in order to find better opportunities. In other words, he’s looking for a job. His objectives and personality remind me of a short story, Of Mice and Men. He’s both George and Lennie in one body. Though savvy and capable of being intelligent, he’s such a massive brute that he destroys his own life with his bare hands. His size draws attention to him and seems to make his life somewhat difficult, but inside, he’s a big teddy…

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Planning and Writing Books

Everyone has their own style when it comes to developing a manuscript. Some people flop in a chair and begin typing. Others plan every detail for their story before writing. You may write 10,000 words per day while your friend can only crank out 10% of that. I’ve said it before, but you have to do what works best for you. Yet, I’m not here to talk about that today. I want to focus on evolution. When you write, you may discover your planning and writing process evolving. When I…

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