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Eyes That Kill Excerpt

It looks like Barcode: Eyes That Kill is on track to be published my early May. Until then, sit with a little excerpt from the first chapter: One The clouds are practically shadows hovering in the wind. From my standpoint, they block out the moon and stars. The dense layer of smog separating humanity from the limitless sky is dense enough to taste. If I concentrate on each inhale and blow vapors from my mouth on the exhale, it’s almost like smoking a very dirty cigar. I convert Shiva into…

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Barcode1 Writing 

Legend of Apollo Rant

Some reviewers piss me off. Yup. I said it.   Today, I’m going to discuss the burning rage I have for reviewers that are angry when they discover the death of my main character, Spencer Colt. For those of you who have not read the novel, don’t worry. It’s supposed to be a known fact that Spencer dies in the novel. A well known fact. First, if you write reviews, you should read reviews. Don’t write them if you’re too busy or stupid to read them. My reviewers have made…

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Character Design: Bailey

It looks like we’re coming down to the final stretch for the cover art. I expect the cover design to be completed by the end of this month. From there, we’ll move on to a few comic pieces that will be included in the novel. For now, check out the current design for Bailey. She’s a new character that will be introduced in Barcode: Eyes That Kill. I won’t reveal her age just yet, but let’s say she supposed look fairly mature for her age.

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Kode Concept Barcode Eyes That Kill Books 

Cover Artists of The Century

I just received another update from one of my cover artists. It seems that Kode’s design is near completion. We still have to find the proper colors and a unique, new design for Shiva, but we’re getting there. My first reaction to her initial design of Kode was, “That’s not him.” After 30 seconds of intensive staring, this is the guy I saw. Barcode: Eyes That Kill is expected to release by the end of spring.

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First Draft of Editing Complete

I finally finished the first draft of editing in Barcode: Eyes That Kill. It was a challenge. I began with 105,000 words (about 210 MS Word pages). That’s a pretty hefty book. Currently, only Cavern of Youth is comparable in length. However, after editing, I added 20,000 words (50 pages). This is the longest novel yet. The editing was rough! Just being honest. Every time I write, I always try to improve. I consider previous criticisms and try to make adjustments. Not to mention, I do my best to enhance…

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url Writing 

The Trolls

I’ve learned a lot about Internet trolls since I began writing. Fortunately, I haven’t had any serious interactions with them. (A few reviews, but nothing serious). Recently, I learned about a site that rips on various products that aren’t worth buying. This guy finds the worst products he can and makes hilarious posts about them. Consequently, the people who view his blog often purchase the products. Maybe they want a good laugh or they sample the products and want to disagree. Whatever it is, this troll’s blog actually helps struggling…

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Barcode: Eyes That Kill Sketches

While I’m working hard at editing Barcode: Eyes That Kill, my cover artists are giving me preliminary sketches for the cover designs. We’re fighting to put out a very strong product by May or June. We’ll also have Barcode: Demon of Gods (the final book) ready not long after. For now, I want to show readers the early sketches of Kode and a new “love” interest known as Bailey. These are early, rough sketches, so don’t get too attached. And don’t judge them before seeing the color. Things really step…

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Happy Valentine's Day Writing 

Happy Valentine’s Day – Writing About Love

I thought I’d start off by saying, Happy Valentine’s day you sexy, sexy beast you. Whether you have someone to share this holiday with or not, just remember to enjoy the love. You don’t have to be in a relationship to make someone’s day. Take candy to work for everyone or wear a sign that says, “Free hugs.” Just make someone smile because we all have reasons to be depressed. About Love You may find it difficult to write love in your story. I’m not sure how some people manage…

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Price Writing 

Kindle Book Prices: Free, $0.99, or $2.99

There are more serious issues to write about other than Kindle eBook prices. I could seriously begin a discussion about which color shirt I should wear on my first day of work. For now, I’ll help you price your novel. Free Price your novel at free for any or all of these reasons: You’re a new author that needs exposure versus money in your pocket The novel is not professionally edited The novel is less than 70,000 words This is the first book to a series and you want to…

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Super Saiyan Writing 

Writing From Experience

Too many writers use the experience of characters from other novels and films to develop their characters. That’s why imagination is relatively low nowadays. Characters are often one dimensional because the writer doesn’t know how to convey something they’ve never experienced. With that being said, I find it very difficult to write fantasy novels. I love writing from experience,which is why most of my novels have romance in them. It’s also why I use harems and love triangles *wink*. However, I struggle relaying the true challenges of a superhuman and/or…

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