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Pat Yourself on the Back

Pat on the back

*Beware: This post has two very conflicting ideas running simultaneously*

You’re doing a great job…

I wish that statement were true, but I’m struggling. Over the past eight months, I met a lot of new people. For many of them, humility is far removed from their vocabulary. I’ve heard statements such as, “I have this great idea,” “You won’t believe what I’ve come up with,” or “Oh! I just came up with something great!”

Hey, there’s no problem with feeling yourself, but sometimes you need to realize how much you stink. If it’s just on a few occasions, you have to take a moment and sniff.

I got so frustrated with these people that I had to ask one, “Did you just compliment yourself?”

To that, they replied, “Yeah. I have to do it sometimes. I mean, who else will?”

That got me to thinking. Are we so insecure nowadays that we have to provide our own praise? Has social media popularized the “Like” so much that we need to promote the “pat on the back?” Do we need others to define our worth?

The answer is yes.

It doesn’t start or stop with adults. If you knew how many kids cut themselves for attention, it would blow your mind. And why? Because our generation is so “lonely” that people would rather come together in small groups to inflict pain upon themselves than to realize how beautiful they are individually.

All my life, I’ve struggled to accept compliments. However, they always make me smile internally (if they’re genuine).

I can’t tell you how many kids tell me, “I’m not beautiful,” even if I say that they are. They’d rather reject the praise than to allow it to marinate. Not a single one will blush or look away. They’ve grown accustom to internalizing pain and allowing it to fester within.

The adults are undergoing a similar process and the results are just as dramatic. They are seeking value from everyone around them. When it isn’t provided (probably because they don’t deserve it), they find ways to boost their own egos.

I’d like to advise you to “cut” this phase of your life. You are beautiful. Something inside of you is unique enough to be loved. If there are a group of people that hate you, there are many more that will love you. But if you continue to find a dark place to hide, you’ll only push those people away. Be humble, but be happy. And know deep down that you are great. Don’t let someone else define that value. Even if you do have to compliment yourself, it’s better than cutting your mobility.

*In summary, you need to find balance*


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