Perfect You

Perfect People actually use the improper definition of perfect. The dictionary defines perfect as:

Conforming entirely to the description/definition an ideal type. Completion or excellence beyond practicality. Fitting the need of a certain situation/purpose.

When describing perfection, we often look to being “flawless.” Yet, being without flaws is theoretically impossible. To be perfect is to learn from a flaw and make adjustments based on a particular situation.

When I think of perfect, I can’t help but to think of my wife. There are many mistakes that we both make when raising our child, but I watch as she perfectly handles each situation with grace. She is the perfect mother for our son.

You may have negative thoughts. You may listen to others correct your mistakes. (Heck. I’m a teacher. I’m always correcting others and listening to others correct me). But at the end of the day, no one rocks like you. Discover your true beauty and believe in it. Perfectly.

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