Play and Imagine – A great way to be present

I had fun with the boys today. We didn’t play in the backyard or go for a walk. There was no trip to Fun City or Dubai. I just stayed present and enjoyed time with my little guys.

The Wakeup

Kairo tends to sneak out of his bed around 6 a.m. (an ungodly hour. I know.) Kalel often follows suit, whining dryly until I make it to his room. If I’m too tired and I walk in with little energy, that sets the tone for most of the day. Today, I decided to play immediately. I tickled his ear, nose, and tummy so that he can have more practice with the words. Then, we all said goodbye to mom.

While I cooked, Kairo read to us. I even took a moment to sit down and read with him while his oatmeal was boiling.


After breakfast, Kairo helped brush my teeth. (A strange form of play, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed).

Me: There’s a skunk in my mouth! Oh no!!!

Kairo: Daddy, we need to brush your teeth to get that skunk out. Come on!

He sang a song while he brushed and helped me pick my clothes for the day. Then, the toddlerman led me to our art studio where we made a picture. While I drew the grass, he asked me to draw mommy. After I finished with her, I looked up and found a pleasant surprise.

Me: What is that?

Kairo: [hesitates] It’s me.

Me: Kairo, are you serious? That’s amazing!

I always draw characters for our family. (It’s incredibly challenging with a crayon for some reason). But I was shocked to discover Kairo’s newfound skills.


I made two mistakes: 1) I began drawing the guidelines in the face before taking the shot (so those are mine). 2) I didn’t realize he already had the body and arms! I should’ve used more of his work, which I usually do.

After we drew everyone in the house, Kairo told me to write a letter to mommy. Word-for-word, he recited a quote from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

I didn’t add a single word.


Then, we played in our rockets that I made the kids a while back.

Imagination play station to help with number recognition
Kairo hits a shape and a number to make his rocket go. The box helps him recognize numbers. (He struggles with 6 and 9, so we focus on those).
First play space rocket to help with numbers and shapes
This was Kairo’s original ship, but Kalel got jealous.











We didn’t really “play.” Kalel dragged his Space Trolley into the living room and decided that he had enough of it.

Kalel tore his cardboard rocket to shreds

Kairo and I used imaginary space tools to revive the ship. Unfortunately, Kalel totaled the rocket.


To my dismay, we had to leave the house and make a border run. Fortunately, we now have our 60 Day Residency, which will allow us to apply for our final one. But that didn’t seem as important or special as just chilling with the guys.

This play day was a beautiful way to make up for this day.

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