Potty training boys is a fine art skill that I don’t possess

Rumor has it that potty training boys can be a challenge.

Potty Training Boys Challenge Accepted

I thought I was ready for this obstacle. Let me tell you how wrong I was.


Kairo poops on the toilet. He hasn’t pooped in his diaper in months now.


One of Bae’s closest friends (who happens to be one of the coolest moms ever) hooked us up with a potty training book. It’s called Potty. He’d sit on the toilet just so he could read this. Now, he rarely lets loose in his diaper.

If you’re looking for legitimate advice, check out out her post on potty training. Because of her, I haven’t had to touch Kairo’s poopy diapers in months. Just know, she’s bout that potty life.

I, on the other hand, don’t necessarily do advice. I just report the world as is. So without further adieu:

Day One

On the very first day, I decided to go with the “let’s just skip the diaper stage.” I threw Kairo in some underwear that we’ve had for awhile and…

Oh my gosh

First attempt

I set a timer for 15 minutes. We were going to go to the potty once the alarm went off. He peed at 12.

It’s not just of matter of him peeing. Kairo screamed to the top of his lungs when he felt the warm trickle fall down his legs. He’s hopping around and screaming. (Our place has marble floors so it’s no biggie.)

Bae and I are laughing at this point because we can’t believe his reaction.

Second attempt

We have a “good” talk. Nothing special.

Me: That felt weird right? Okay. Now, I need you to tell me when you have to potty or this is going to keep happening. So, the next time you have to potty, let me know.

I set the timer for 15 minutes again. He pees at 12.

No lie.

This time, he’s screaming AND running around. I almost have to tackle him to keep him in one place.

Third attempt

I realize that 15 is too long. The magic number is 12, right?


Forth attempt

12 again. 8 again.

Every single time this happens, he’s hitting me with a high pitched scream. We are only under an hour (a fifth accident happens), and I realize that this method may not be for Kairo. After a little mental math, I also realize that I don’t have enough underwear for one day. By the way, we have four packs.

Second attempt

This is where Kali joins in. I decide to change the method and allow them both to wear their diapers. Now, I set the timer for 20 minutes and if they pee, so be it.

This works much better. The only problem is, only Kalel will let me know when he has to pee. Yes, my 16-month-old will say, “Pee pee,” before his 3-year-old brother. By the way, if Kalel pees in his diaper 30 times in a day, he’ll only tell me once, so it’s not a big accomplishment.

The true trouble is getting them on the toilet. I tried reading “Potty,” which worked for a bit, but he wasn’t excited about it. Then, I found this amazingness.

Even if you don’t have kids, play this song in the background. It’s just raw hilarity.

I wish I could show you what Kairo does on the toilet when he hears this song, but I don’t embarrass my kids. Just know, he now pulls his “underwear” and pants down because of Pink Fong (I love all their work, by the way).

Some days we’re emptying everything in the toilet and others (especially watermelon days, these things are full). I try putting these kids on the toilet every 20-30 minutes, but that is difficult to do all day for two weeks. My hands are drying out because I have to wash them so much.

Not to mention, after doing this for so long, I became ridiculously inconsistent. And honestly, I’m okay with that. We have to be perfect in everything we do. My kids will have more accidents, and I will have to deal with these diapers for a few more months. So what? Potty training boys is a true challenge, but overcoming obstacles is what strengthens us as parents.

These days are preparing me for grander challenges, like when the boys turn 13 and I have to explain the other functions of their anatomy. (I’ve already learned that the magic number is 8, so I’ll let them know a bit sooner).

Disclaimer: Remember that this isn’t advice. I’m just trying to justify my own laziness. Consult your local professional in case of an emergency. Your kids might be peeing on themselves when their five years old if you listen to me. By the way, does anyone get sick of my really small print? I enjoy this tiny writing for some odd reason.
Also, I don’t really think potty training boys is very different from girls, but I can’t speak on girls, now can I?

4 thoughts on “Potty training boys is a fine art skill that I don’t possess

  1. I love it! I could write an entire blog dedicated to diaper and potty adventures. I never dreamt so much of my life would be consumed with when my children poop. Our kids just want to make sure we’re never bored 🙂

    1. They know how to keep the day active and moving. I always look back at the end of the day and wonder where the beginning went (in a good way).

      Random story: I love poops. When Kairo was born, we couldn’t leave he hospital because he wouldn’t poop. They tortured him for two days straight, all day, trying to get it out. On the very last hour, he pooped and we cheered. Every since then, I’ve had no problems with poop diapers.

  2. We are going through the diaper free change now. Every 20 mins. Lots of accidents and lots of tantrums on both sides lol just when I get comfy it’s time to get up. Hopefully the end is near, it’s only been a week. Met a parent at his school who said it took her two months….

    1. As you know, I’m suffering through this right now. I couldn’t do diaper free. I don’t have the willpower, but even the diapers were frustrating me until last week. Kairo walked into his room and grabbed his Mickey underwear (one of his favorite characters) and said he wanted big boy underwear. The idea of underwear came from the book and song above, so they really helped him understand the concept of potty training.

      Kalel was easy because (just to be honest) I sat down and showed him what it looked like when I went (by squatting). I said, “Pee pee,” repeatedly, so he would understand the concept of the word. Then, I just put him on every twenty minutes. Doode was all for it, especially because he got to wash his hands. When I introduced the song, he really lost him mind, but he wouldn’t focus consistently. Still, he was trained before Kairo.

      I’m not consistent at all because that would drive me crazy. As a result, Kalel pees more in his diapers now and rejects sitting on the toilet more often. BUT he will pee in the toilet the more that I put him on.

      I also don’t intend to use underwear outside of the house because I couldn’t imagine being on my way to an event and having to turn around because the car seat is soaked. (I know there are ways around that, but I just can’t).

      Good luck to you and let me know what works.

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