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Every novel I write has a theme song. I use that song for inspiration when I’m unable to get the mental juices flowing. Currently, I’m writing Barcode: Eyes That Kill. The theme song for this novel is “Power” by Kanye West.

Yesterday, I heard this song during my jog. I was nearing the end and quite tuckered out. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep the pace I’d given myself. But when this song came on, I immediately thought of my main character, Kode. He’s a laid back type of guy that wouldn’t bat a lash at a three mile jog.

Thinking of him and hearing the song helped me relax my breath. It inspired me to keep a strong pace and push past the mental barrier I was building. Because of this song, I completed my first 5K in under 30 minutes (not bad for the kid with asthma and a busted knee). I ran with the vibe of the song perfectly and really challenged myself to improve.

I played “Power” so many times while writing my novel, I knew where the highs and lows were. It helped me focus.

After this experience, I realized that I am my character(s). The energy I place into them is the same energy I put into myself.

By the way, the message to “Power” is something that should motivate everyone: When you’re a failure, people talk poorly about you. They call you shit, worthless, or an immortal screw-up. But when you’re successful, they call you arrogant, an asshole, or they say you’ve changed. There is no way to please everyone. You can’t let power or failure get to your head. Let it go. Find a way to excel and ignore the naysayers.

That’s my motivation.

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