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I enjoyed writing my series for one reason: The characters. At times, I felt like crying with them or their anger boiled in my chest. I supported them fully in their endeavors and hated each villain that opposed them. At the same time, I enjoyed constructing villains with more noble intent than my protagonists. The series was fun to write overall. However, I want to rank the top ten and compare it to your list. Here are my favorite characters in order of least to greatest:

Arnold Mishimoto

Starting of the list is a character modeled after my favorite WWE character, The Rock. Now, don’t get it twisted. Arnold is not The Rock. I just want Dwayne Johnson to play Arnold in a movie. Arnold is an airhead with strong common sense. He can outwit and brutally beat his opponent. For years, Arnold reigns as the champion of Colt, but he throws in his hat when he realizes that the next generation will succeed him him. Yet, even when Arnold returns, he’s a monster to be reckoned with.

Malik “Kane” Jules

Barcode: New War Order
Barcode: New War Order

If I could rewrite the series, I would make Kane the end boss. Vincent is good and all, but there is something that I absolutely loathe about this guy. He is really someone to hate, and Kode only helped him become a more vicious slum. When Malik was first introduced, he wasn’t much. However, he proved to show as much potential as Kode when becoming Kane. Of course, there were some drugs involved in his enhanced powers, but that’s what makes him such a great evil guy.

Michelle “Swagger” Mishimoto

I hope that you realize how much I started to hate this character. Michelle is the prototype for bad characters. She is the very reason that I hate reading most stories. Take Katniss for example, the chick is powerful in Book 1, but when the series ends, there’s something inside of her that you just can’t stand. Well, I took Swagger to this level. I helped her evolve into that character.

Like Seth, she is a very realistic. Real life situations, like the loss of loved ones, motivate her to become a horrible person. That is why she was perfect for Spencer. When I read comments about how fans hated Hannah, I think, “This is why society is so fucked up.” We choose heroes on a day to day basis and hate those that are misunderstood. How can you hate Hannah for playing with Spencer’s heart? Michelle threw herself at Spencer and he rejected her. That’s why I wanted to show Hannah and Michelle switch roles. I wanted to prove that people can change. So why did Michelle make the top ten? Because she’s an awesome villain. By the end, she is the Team Rocket of Kode’s life. She gets her ass handed to her on a day to day basis, but she keeps coming back for more. Gotta love it.


Bet you didn’t think she’d be on the list. But let me blow your mind for a second. Carmen was originally Kode’s numero uno. I intended to make her grow into a combination of Angie and Jamie. However, Angie kept battling her way to the top spot. I remember sitting in bed one night and thinking, no way. Angie has to die, but she will not lose to Carmen. Of course, Carmen wasn’t happy about that, but she still holds a special place in Kode’s heart. Carmen is the most caring character in the series. She is jealous and possessive, but that is similar to Kode. She cares for him as much as he cares for the others. If you hate Carmen, you actually hate Kode.


This guy was very interesting to compose. I actually started to dislike him as he matured. Leonardo was the nerd that I wanted to cheer on, but he is essentially the most realistic character in the novel. Seth was driven insane because of the situations presented to him. He was a very good person with a harsh situation. He blamed himself for things that he could never control and others threw the responsibility at him. However, no one judged him. He had a family of friends that accepted Seth for who he was forced to become.


Richard was modeled after my best friend Richard Mitchell. Actually Richard and Spencer are the same person. Gasp. I know. If you notice, Richard is not introduced until Spencer is dead. They both have the same appearance, but Richard is heavier. Richard has every quality that Spencer lacks, just like his real life counterpart. My best friend was a great guy but he had this dark side to him. He was murdered with many secrets and hidden potential trapped inside of him. Richard and Spencer will always oppose each other because they are mirrors of the same man.


Kode Concept Barcode Eyes That Kill


Kode speaks for himself. Literally.


Just take a look at the picture and you’ll understand why this guy is the best protagonist that I will ever produce.


IMG_20121115_084118The concept of Angie was simple: Kick Ass. I wanted Angie to work as a standalone character. She needed to be capable of replacing Kode at any time. Though fans may resist, I guarantee you that I could replace Angie as the protagonist and she would hold her own weight. In fact, there would be far more comedy.


Angie is the only character with as many strengths and weaknesses as Kode. Not even Jamie has as many dimensions as these two. I hate weak female protagonists, so I made a strong supporting character. I did not originally want to make her relationship with Kode abusive, but I had to. I wanted to show that women can be the aggressors. There is only one scene where Kode initiates a physical attack on Angie and it is after years of being beaten by her. At the end of the story, Angie is still arguably stronger than both Kode and Jamie. However, she is the only one of the three that holds back most of her strength when fighting her friends. Jamie acknowledges this truth in a very indirect way.


Barcode Demon of Gods DOG Image 1She was random. I’m not going to lie. I actually already had Kode’s love interests in mind. However, my writing technique simply created her on the spot. For some reason, I saw Kode look over and there was this cute little girl that made Carmen jealous. Of course, that girl could disappear at any point, but she evolved into Kode’s weapon. As the powers continued to increase and Shiva became more significant, I learned about Jamie’s backstory. She was Shiva. She was the very love that Kode carried in his fists.

I originally intended to write Jamie’s and Kairo story as the next installment. The title of the series was Adrenaline. However, I lost interest because I was sick of writing about the same characters. Therefore, I decided to add Adrenaline’s plot into Barcode. During the last three books, you learn a lot about Kairo and Jamie.

tumblr_m2bjr1o2cf1rs6g2ro1_500Oh! And I can’t leave without mentioning her personality. Jamie is a very stereotypical anime character. She is unique in no way. In fact, she’s modeled after my wife’s favorite anime character Shirayuki Mizore. Yet again, Jamie managed to evolved into something greater. I can’t explain how I captured so much emotion into an emotionless drone, but it was fun to write.


BaileyConcept3Creating this twin duo was amazing. I originally intended for there to be only one daughter. However, as I continued to theorize, I realized that it was theoretically impossible for Jamie and Angie’s DNA to separate. Bailey is overall my favorite and Bayne comes in at a close second. There is no filter to Bailey’s mouth. She curses, cries, and confesses every truth that comes to her mind.

I have no clue how this character developed into a masterpiece. I simply fell  in love with Angie and Kode’s relationship. This connection help me develop their offspring effortlessly. As a twist, I showed hints of Bayne in Bailey’s persona. When they separate, each one becomes more extreme versions of themselves. Bayne is the hurt that was always present and Bailey became the love.

Now that you see what I’ve constructed. Who would you rank as the best characters of the series?

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  1. 1.kode
    4.kodes spirit
    9 . bailey/bayne
    this is my list and interesting fact what if kode somehow comes back in real life i mean your my favorite author english is my pashion but truthfully im just a really smart rising 7th grader and i wish i could 1 day work with you

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