Scary monster versus toddler – Kairo can’t sleep

I love letting the kids watch educational videos, but I hate what they learn. These shows teach kids to be afraid of everything. Though they try revealing that nothing was scary in the end, toddlers can’t pick up on the complex lessons. After watching one scary episode on Dinosaur Train earlier today, Kairo determined that he couldn’t sleep because there was a scary monster on his bed. I convinced him otherwise.

Scary Monster Conversation

Kairo: [holding Teddy innocently] I can’t sleep, daddy.

Me: Why not?

Kairo: I saw a scary monster.

Me: Where?

Kairo: In my room.

Me: Kairo, you’ve met any monsters that were scary. Was he friendly?

Kairo: Well, yeah.

Me: Okay. So why didn’t you say hi?

Kairo: Oh!

Me: Yeah. Next time you see the monster, say, “Hi, Monster!” because he wants to play with you.


Me: Did you know that daddy was a monster?

Kairo: ???

Me: I’m a tickle monster.

I reach out and tickle him, producing some laughter.

Kairo: But he was holding my bed.

Me: That’s because he wanted to take you to outter space, and you can’t let him. Next time that monster tries to take you to outter space, say, “Hey, Monster. I can’t go to outter space tonight because I need to sleep.” Okay?

Kairo: Okay.

Me: Ready to go back to bed?

Kairo: Yeah!


I can’t keep fighting Kairo’s inability to sleep. Nothing has worked consistently. For the past three days, he’s been waking up once because he needs to pee. However, he has been in bed more and for longer stints.

To keep him down for longer, I’ve started making him watch shows on my computer instead of the television. This way, I can remove the blue light that alters sleep patterns. (You can go to to learn about blue light and sleep rhythms).

these tools fight the scary monsterI bought him a bunny night light. That worked for a week. It kept him up after.

I also purchased a toddler clock that counts down his wakeup time by using stars and sunshine. That works well, but it isn’t consistent.

I pray. That works the best of all. No exaggeration.

I threaten. Also, quite impactful.

Still, there’s nothing like Patience and Understanding. Since I can’t get enough sleep to have those two guys around often, I holler at Coffee and pray regularly.

*Fighting the scary monster is a new battle. You can read about my other Sleepy Bouts here and here.
**The title is intentional. Kairo said, “I can’t sleep” before going to bed. We had to talk about that too.

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