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When it comes to selling eBooks in Amazon’s Free books section, people think that it’s quite simple. Either you’re ignorant or you’re intentionally being disrespectful when you claim, “I don’t want to give my book away for free.”



You can’t give your book away for free on Amazon. People have to want it. They have to go through the same steps they use to buy any item on Amazon. You’re not giving shit away. You’re selling it without receiving a profit.

How do you sell your book on Amazon for free and look good doing it?

That’s a difficult question. You can sell any book on Amazon for free by enrolling it in Smashwords’ Premium Catalog. To do that, you upload the format they require and submit it to all the big publishers (iTunes, B&N, Kobo, etc.) Change your price to free on Smashwords. After a few weeks, Amazon will update the cost of your novel to $0.00.

But how can you get a lot of downloads? How do you go big?

Without giving away too many details, I’ve only sold 5,000+ novels in my one year career. Even though my free books are about 90% of those sells, I’m still very proud of the accomplishment. I’m giving you these credentials to tell you that I can’t help you sell big. I can only tell you what I’ve done to average the rankings that I have. My ranking averages between 5,000 and 7,000 in the Free Kindle Store.

To sell free novels, I had to market on Twitter and Facebook. I reach out to people using Tweet Adder, which helps me find like minded authors and readers. I also connect with them regularly versus spamming their feeds with advertisement.

In addition, I enrolled my first book in KDP Select. This gave me a lot of exposure and increased my rankings. When the rankings began to fall again, I released my second novel and put the first up for free. My first novel had always done well during the KDP Select free promotional days. I knew it would continue to do well if it were always free.

I have reached as high as the 400s in rankings. To get that big I simply advertised on certain websites that allow you to promote your free books. Go to Author Marketing and you’ll see a list of websites where you can request advertisement for your free promotional days. This works especially well if you’re enrolled in KDP.

In summary, it isn’t easy to sell your novel for free. If you want the recognition, you’ll have to put in the work.

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