Sheikha Wadeema Compound Backyard

We finally paid to have artificial grass installed in our backyard at Sheikha Wadeema Compound so the boys would have somewhere to run and play. Initially, I worried that the boys wouldn’t utilize the space, but that isn’t the case. They love it!

The process

The men dug the dirt away from the pipes.

sheikha wadeema compound backyard before

Then, they dropped a pile of sand on our walkway and walked away. “Hey, neighbors!”

sheikha wadeema compound dirt pile

They spread the stacking sand evenly and crushed it. sheikha wadeema compound dirt

Then, they laid cement around the edges. I’m quite sure that this is the lazy way of doing it. I think you’re supposed to use lumber, time, and money. But those are minor details, people!sheikha wadeema compound dirt and cement

Eventually, the artificial grass was dropped and told “DON’T MOVE” by the industrial glue that these guys poured EVERYWHERE. The job looks shabby, but we only paid around $800 for our expansive backyard. Tiyaanah found some professionals that charge about $3000, so I’m not complaining. sheikha wadeema compound backyard with artificial grass

The boys don’t seem to care about the ugly either.
sheikha wadeema compound boys play

Sheikha Wadeema Compound

You may have heard about the ups and downs that we’ve experienced at home. One of the benefits of living at Sheikha Wadeema Compound is that we have a backyard for the boys to explore. Initially, it was covered in dirt, so we limited the boy’s outdoor time. Now, I try to get them out two times per day, which is one of the many things that help with Kairo’s naps and sleep.

wadeema compound backyard play

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