Should Sex Be Allowed In YA Books?

Author friends and I have discussed this topic intensively in a writing forum. One issue that we’ve come across are YA authors adding sex into their novels. I personally don’t mind sex in any novel, but I hate that the authors still consider their work YA.

The reason they do this is because YA is a very popular genre. Instead of placing their novel under the proper tag–which young adults still read, such as romance, action, and adventure–they place their filth in YA. This genre includes ages 13-19. 13 year olds aren’t mature enough to read about many of their topics. But some of these authors argue that YA is too broad and they’re just trying to reach the older half… that’s crap.

I’d like to list a few of my post below:

First post
Sex isn’t just sex. And children don’t hear about sex enough. They see improper forms of it on screens. That’s lust, not love. If you’re expecting kids to learn about sex from their peers then you can expect them to think that men only love women through sex, that you can’t get pregnant if we’re upside down, and there’s no STD in oral sex.
Sex is more than just a physical act. When “sex is just sex,” that’s known as a one night stand or quick bang. I’m married and sex is an extension of my love.

Not even animals just have sex. Penguins are known to have meaningful relationships, some are even homosexuals. Lions share intimacy and use four play. Gibbons, swans, and wolves are just a number of many species known to have monogamous relationships.

I personally enjoy expressing sexuality in characters and in myself. I want people to know that their desires aren’t bad and shouldn’t be hidden.

However, I don’t disagree with anyone that avoids talking about it. To each their own. Personally I don’t see avoidance as a solution to kids hearing too much about sex. Expression of sexuality is a beautiful thing.

Second Post
I write about sexuality, but not for kids. Like I said before, I don’t even allow my students to know I write novels because they’re not mature enough for it. I make sure they don’t even know my first name so they can’t search for me. And my novels don’t explicitly address sex, only the tension and desires leading up to it.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t avoid talking about sex. It is okay to write about it if you’re going to educate a young reader. My previous post was my way of saying I don’t think avoidance is the best way to get things done.

Again, YA authors can write about sex but there needs to be information, knowledge, and encouragement to look for more than sex. That’s why I often use the term “sexuality.” It educates and expresses more than just the physical act.

Even as indie authors, we have responsibility.

Our previous argument was that YA authors are placing random sex in novels and selling it under that genre, which is wrong. 13 year old kids are not mature enough to read about sexual intercourse. But never writing about it will not solve our problems.

*These posts have been edited to make sense outside of the forums

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