Should You Write A Novel?

Is anyone considering writing a novel? I know there’s a lot of advice out there, but I’d love to speak with something that’s thinking about it. If you’re debating, but unsure if you should begin the process, I say try it. I’m not saying invest all of your time into completing the next Harry Potter, but consider writing the first chapter.

I want to write a book, but where do I begin?

Think of something you’re really into. Rock climbing, motorcycles, high speed chases in convertibles, having sex in an elevator, fist fighting vampires, drinking milk straight from the cow, or whatever! Just choose something that you love doing and write about it. The more experience you have with the topic, the more details you can provide readers, which ultimately makes your story better.

Choose a length

Novellas and Novelettes – They’re from 0 – 40,000 words. That’s not an exact estimate, but just think something short and sweet. Really short is 10,000, which is like five small chapters or three big ones. This is good if you want friends and family to read it. (If you don’t have a huge network of readers, don’t expect people to have “enough time” to get to something long).

Novel – Anything over that amount. There’s the 50,000 – 100,000 range, which is like the Twilight series. Then, there are really lengthy books like Lord of the Rings and Eragon. Bigger books have more detailed stories. Length helps readers get attached to the characters and relationships.

Plan or Don’t

If you feel like you’re going to rip out your hair because you hate planning, don’t do it. Just write. Writing your novel should only take 30% of your time; editing is 70%. If you feel like you’re writing crap, you are. We all do it. But, intensive editing is what makes great writers.

Let me know if you’re looking for advice. I’m not the best writer in the world, but it helps talking about experiences. I love telling people what my crazy process is like.

Every writer should know that you get better with time. Don’t publish your first book until you’ve written two more. Practice makes perfect.

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