Simple SEO Advice for Authors

If you’re an author preparing your first website in order to market your novel or your name, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

Keep It Simple

Your site, like your writing, should be simple. Don’t get complex with many bells and whistles. If you have a lot of categories or tags for your posts, visitors won’t know where to begin or end. Limit your site between 3 and 7 categories. You can tag as much as you want, but try to keep a centralized focus so visitors know what they’re getting into.

Simplifying your SEO will get you great results. “Simple” implies that something is clear and easily understandable. People are attracted to simplicity, even Google. If you want great rankings, stop over thinking things.

Describe Your Purpose

Your “About” section should let visitors know what they’ll get with your website. Are you just giving updates on your novel? Do you provide writing advice? Are you all about the reviews? Okay, tell your visitors, but also let them know why. Every person that comes to your site needs to know your purpose. It should be visible in the tagline, about section, and throughout the content.

Brand Yourself

Branding is my central focus. You come to this website to learn the importance of branding your work as an author. Anyone that visits your site should know what sets you apart. That should make them feel motivated to return.

Previously, my site was filled with visitors, but even I’m working on turning my visitors into “regulars.” You want subscribers or membership on your page. That can be done by creating an interactive site. My old page lacked that quality, but I’m renovating for a reason. Over the next month, you’ll see a lot more posts and new features.

It took a lot of self-evaluation for me to determine what I wanted and how I could help anyone that visited. For your site to improve, you’ll have to self-evaluate as well.

Leave a comment below if you’d like any additional advice. I’d love to take a peep at your site and tell you how you could improve. Feel free to give me advice on what you like and/or don’t!

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