Sleep – A thing of the past for my toddler and me

Kairo hates sleep. Last night, he woke up three times for seemingly no reason at all. Tiyaanah and I are struggling to figure out why that may be happening. Initially, I assumed that he was struggling with potty training (Toot! Toot!). Then, I thought that it might be because he suffered from sleep apnea after he started snoring. But I took him to the doctor today and we may have received an answer. An infection.

Team No Sleep

Kairo has always made life difficult at night and for a good reason. During his infancy, we thought that he just hated night time, but we later learned that he had a tongue tie, which affected how much milk he could acquire at a time. In other words, my little one was hungry.

Then, came teething.

Next, his brother’s birth.

Now, it’s his mucus buildup.

Let me just say that I haven’t known how to maintain a good night’s sleep consistently for a very long time and it’s wearing on me. However, I’m very happy to have a solution for this new problem.

We met with some friendly doctors and nurses at Medeor International Hospital in Al Ain.

I can officially say that I understand the hoopla about how people in Abu Dhabi love kids. Strangers played and interacted with my boys all day. Kalel got his cheeks pinched, hugs, and kisses. Both boys received high-fives, handshakes, and fist bumps all day. It was so beautiful and heartwarming. Golly!!!

After a few X-rays, we learned that Kairo just has some wet buggers trapped in his wind tunnels, so I’ll have to hit him with nasal spray every night for two weeks.

Tonight, he is sleeping with mommy so she can monitor his progress.

My bed is the couch.




I’ll update everyone on Kairo’s sleep in two weeks (after he receives the 14 nose shots).

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