Social Media Cleavage

People have an inherent ability to feel lonely…at least in America.

You can be surrounded by thousands of people and feel like no one understands you. At times, gravity feels heavier. Relaxed breaths are scarce. Tomorrow seems too far away to consider, and thinking that far ahead is painful.

Just today, I saw a guy walking down the street bobbing to music. I don’t know the song playing in his headphones, but it was good. This guy was feeling himself.

He made it look so good, I wanted to get out there with him. Break down that realness!

But I digress.

When I saw this guy grooving, I realized that he was avoiding eye contact with me. Maybe he was embarrassed or just didn’t want to be bothered. There are millions of reasons that this guy could want some alone time. I don’t know and I wouldn’t have thought much about it, but he began tinkering with his cellphone.

Let me make something clear. This guy knows that I’m staring at him because I’m pretty obvious at this point.

He’s avoiding me.

But why the phone is my question? Why resort to trying to contact someone that probably doesn’t want to talk to you? You got your groove on #Stella. So why are you trying to avoid eye contact by texting a random friend?

Because you’re lonely.

Think about this:

  • Most people can’t stand five feet away from their phone without panicking
  • A text often carries more emotion than a phone call :p
  • People barely know how to hold a conversation unless they can edit it
  • And Facebook and other forms of social media are used for the only human contact that you receive all day, regardless of how many people you were around #FacebookLikesAreMyHugs

This guy was trying to escape a feeling of embarrassment by avoiding eye contact and resorting to his only friend…a phone. I imagine that his dates carry similar patterns.

Some people say, “I fear for the future.” I don’t. I wouldn’t mind if stupid people stopped talking and simply relied on social media to communicate their thoughts. It saves me time and energy. But seriously, idiots. Technology can’t be your best friend…says the guy posting gifs on his blog.

3 thoughts on “Social Media Cleavage

  1. That is too true! So many people can’t stray from their cells. Every once in a while I forget mine at home and it’s liberating. You aren’t tied down to feeling the need to check it every 10 minutes.

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