Spirited Sleeping Habits – My three year old’s journey

One month ago, I quickly mentioned how much Kairo loathes sleeping. Since his birth, my three-year-old has practiced spirited sleeping habits. As an infant, he screamed with no remorse. He only found solace in mommy or daddy’s arms. Wost of all, turned into the HULK when transitioning to his crib. Now, Kairo gets out of his bed at least twice per night, providing little to no excuse for his disturbance.

While composing my first paragraph, Tiyaanah walked up and asked, “Did you hear him?” Then, she looked at the title of my post and shook her head.

Spirited Sleeping


Kairo has an innate ability to wake himself up. Even if he is exhausted, my eldest can make sleep a very temporary habit, and passionate emotions enhance these superpowers. In other words, Kairo can wake himself up if he goes to sleep with a desire or regret. For example, if he wants to watch a cartoon or “sleep in mommy’s bed” he can physically WILL himself awake.


My three-year-old claims that he is afraid of the dark. Consequently, I bought him a nightlight bunny that has various colors.

He chose red against our will one night. The day after was…HORRID…I now have qualitative proof that colors impact emotion.

Is Kairo afraid of the dark? Grr…NO. How do I know?

Recently, I decided to lock Kairo out of our room because he creeps in and sleeps on the corner of the bed or the floor. These are both dangerous habits because of the sharp edges in our room, or he sleeps right where we’d stand (and I only tested this for one night, so don’t judge me!)

However, after being locked out of our room, I found him chilling outside of the door, playing with a broken phone in the dark.

He loves to claim that he hates his room because he’s afraid of the dark, but this is a new excuse that is only about one month old. He didn’t use it regularly until mom let him sleep in the bed after being “AFRAID.”

Side note: She and I have very different parenting techniques when it comes to sleeping.


What’s the real problem? Kairo’s mind and WILL are EVOLVING. He is learning to resist us by forcing mommy and daddy to repeat themselves multiple times before completing a task or even acknowledging us.

To get what he wants, he is getting out of bed more and intentionally disturbing his one-year-old brother because that acquires my wrath and attention the most. And seeing how three-year-olds hope to be treated like babies while conquering the world, it is obvious to me that he resents his brother at times for sharing my affection.


I claim that Kairo has spirited sleeping habits because he has enduring qualities that often conflict with our objectives. For us to overcome his SPIRIT, we are working on becoming more consistent with rewards and punishments.

But you better believe that the punishments are crashing down. After waking up his brother today and playing during nap, he received a prompt response from me with a complimentary lecture detailing my expectations.

May the journey continue.

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