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I got bored a few weeks back and decided to start the next series, Exxodus. That’s still the working title of the series, but the novel will be entitled World Above The Shadows.

The story is about a boy named Sol who believes that he is a real mage. He does indeed have a history with magic, but his memory is somewhat faulty because of experimental drugs that he’s been taking. Eventually, he discovers his original home on a floating country known as Motherland. When he discovers that the world may lose its magic and crash into the sea, he pilgrimages his homeland to discover a means to restore the fading power. All the while, Sol struggles with the murder of his parents and reestablishing his relationship with his long lost sister.

I definitely have to make the novel sound more interesting, but I am having too much fun writing this thing. The protagonist is very different than Kode. Very. Though he is still snarky, Sol is both an airhead and a genius. His intelligence mskes him somewhat unable to acknowledge the emotions of others. More interestingly, he completely understands what people are undergoing, but chooses to ignore them.

However, editing his comments can be a true challenge. I normally write his responses as though he were any normal character. Then, I add more comedy. I hope to make people laugh with this one, but it won’t be easy. My jokes aren’t about punchlines. I build in character personalities. I want readers to predict the character’s response while being surprised by Sol’s verbal response.

The release of this novel is still at least nine months away, so I’ll leave you with a clip for now. It will undergo a million edits, but I’d like to share some of the fun that I’ve been having:

Two beautiful black eyes endearingly scan Sol from head to toe. When Circe’s attention reaches his scarred feet, she glances away. A gentle breeze from the hallway lifts her blonde hair momentarily. Any normal man could appreciate the brilliance of the scene, but Sol has long proven his distaste for the norm.
“What happened to your feet? That looks new,” Circe inquires.
“Trent dragged be a few blocks. I couldn’t gather my footing.”
“Looks like it hurts.”
“I can’t recall the social norms of conversation. Are we supposed to keep talking about the appearance of my feet? That just seems odd.”
“No,” Circe giggles under her breath. She’s one of the very few humans that find Sol entertaining. “I actually wanted to talk to you. Want to play a game?”
“This late? It’s a little dangerous. Actually, it’s inappropriate for you to travel at this hour. Not to mention, you’re not dressed for the weather.” Sol considers his closest “friend’s” attire. “You’re more suited for a sexual encounter with a stranger at a bar. Has Morgan’s lack of dignity rubbed off on you?”
Unfortunately, Sol hit the nail directly on the head. Morgan encouraged Circe to change when she originally tried sneaking out of the house. Still, the outfit isn’t far from Circe’s style. She’s laced in purple tights with a large holster holding her skirt in place. It’s actually because of her muscular built and tight shirt that she appears somewhat skimpy.
Circe combs her short blonde hair in front of her eyes and bows her head nervously. “Do you always have to make fun of me?”
“Hmm. I’ve offended you again? What did mom say about offending someone? I make up for it by…”
From the couch inside of the living room, Moira yawns, “You go on a date with them.” The sound of Moira’s voice causes Circe to perk up anxiously, but Sol isn’t able to distinguish his mother’s voice from his own subconscious.
“No. That’s not right.”
“I know, but that’s what the situation calls for. She’s upset, so you’ll need to take her to the arcade, like she wanted.”
“That’s a very lucid deduction. I’ve made another critical mistake, so we’ll go to the arcade.” Sol grabs his wool trench coat, the one with a leather hood and non-professional gaming goggles already in the pockets. He painfully slides into his leather boots and slams the door behind him.
Circe stutters, “Aren’t you going to say goodbye to Moira?”
“Not when she’s asleep,” he ignorantly replies. “Let’s just be careful while navigating the streets. It’s pretty dangerous.”
“You do realize that I was raised on these corners?”
“That doesn’t remove their danger.”
“Don’t get your panties in a knot.”
Sol stops before reaching the elevator and fumes, “I told you that I didn’t know those were for women and that was over five years ago. I haven’t worn those things since you’ve clarified the misunderstanding. I even apologized to the spectators.”

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  1. Cant wait for this one just finished barcodes i was great and i loved every min of it now im forced to wait again kashif ya killin me here ha 🙂

    1. I can’t wait either. I’m actually really excited about writing this one. I rarely find time to sit down with it and when I do the process is slow. I’ve grown so accustom to writing Kode’s thoughts, I struggle to distinguish between the character’s witty comments. But I think I’m finding my flow.

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