Stop Stating The Obvious

Here’s a real general rule for all writers. By writers I mean authors, Facebookers, Tweeters, and bloggers. All of you: Stop stating the obvious!

What does that mean?

Well, if you want people to think you’re a great writer or a decent person, don’t point out every little thing. Just a minute ago, I checked on some friends’ sites and I saw, “Awe, aren’t we cute!”

It wasn’t those exact words and it was a specific situation, but it happens so often. People use social media to publicize their narcissism and authors use their novels to bore the hell out of me.

What? Authors, you really think you’re exempt?

Hell no. You’re the worst.

Mike stood there, hurt.

Tina couldn’t believe what happened.

Sherry cried passionately in the arms on the one man that could comfort her.

Duh! If a tragic event happens in your story of course someone will cry or crumble. Give me more!

How did their eyebrows move? What’s their heart ticking like? Can they even breathe? Give me a description of what only you, the character, or God would know. Give me so much detail that I’m nearly sick of it, but I’m feeling miserable for this person. Don’t tell me the obvious crap that should happen.

Now, let’s discuss all of you together.

I’m tired of reading your post or stories that make you or your character seem better. If I thought you were a cute couple, I’d say it in my own comment. If I think your baby looks like a diamond, I’ll tell you. If your new shoes are the s**t, let me do the swearing. If your antagonist is cocky, let me figure it out. If your protagonist is the most evil thing since the creation of darkness, prove it.

Show me, don’t tell me. I don’t fall for this new age I’m the best rapper alive because I self-proclaimed it; now, you must believe it. If you’re the best thing since sliced bread, let me decide. I have a mind of my own and every time you try to influence it, you look ridiculous.

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