Story books: The power to read and write


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Good story books enchant their readers and provide them with a long lasting memory that they will never forget. A writer’s goal is always to “stick” with a reader. My son always remembers his favorite stories, almost word for word.

Today, I finally managed to catch my three-year-old reading. I “push” story books in our household because reading is the only way to master writing. I work hard to stimulate my kids’ minds because what they consume influences their creativity.

I remember telling people, two years ago, that I would read with my two-year old for 30 minutes at a time, two to three times per day. People thought this was impossible, but it is very possible with the right book.

Story Books

I’m not knocking Dr. Seuss, but his writing style doesn’t hold my kids’ attention for long. The best story books are like the best novels. They are short and sweet. They captivate readers with their settings and dynamic characters, usually with pictures but often with words too.

If you can write a strong story book and hold the attention of a toddler or even a grade schooler, you can also write a novel very well. That’s why I always tell new writers to either write a story book or a screenplay first. This way you can see plot holes and story structure clearly. Then, make your major edits before committing to 50,000 words.

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