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Stupid Man’s Guide

Here you can find my advice for self-publishing. This guide is called “Stupid Man” because of all the dumb things I did when formatting my first novel. These are a few tricks I learned along the way that got me out of a lot of trouble. I hope they help you. Sorry I did the first two while I was sick so there’s a bit of coughing.

These tutorials are a bit fast paced and may be geared towards those with some HTML programming experience. A slower, more detailed tutorial is under construction.

Video One – Formatting Your Novel

For this tutorial, we’re starting at the end. Let’s say you’ve already written your novel. What next? Well, if you want to self-publish your work, it needs to be formatted. What about those of you just beginning your novel? You’ll need to know what the end process is like so you don’t do anything stupid like add many right curly quotes.

Video Two – Editing/Proofreading 

There are many ways to edit. This video shows you how to use certain tools like Foxit Reader to have your document read back to you. There are other editing methods I will point out in later videos, but this is a nice starting point.

Video Three – Formatting a Word or Open Office Manuscript 

This picks up where Video One leaves off. This teaches you how to format your documents so they show up nicely on any Kindle or Nook.

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