Subtleties in Writing or Subtle Writing

Acting is all about subtleties.

Joker Sublteties

With the joker, it isn’t just about what he says, but how. Don’t focus on his lips, which are amazingly creepy. Look at his eyebrows at the end. Check the headshake.

Most book to film adaptations do not “feel” right because most films cannot capture the tremendous emotion in novels within two hours. However, most great films, like the Dark Knight series, never become books because you cannot capture the subtleties in actors like Heath Ledger.

But you can try.

When writing, it is important that you maintain small quirks or subtle “sparks” in your character. In other words, don’t overdo your characters.

My Barcode Series is all about over the top characters that yell and scream. They fight and kill. It’s super dramatic. I decided to break the normal conventions of writing in order to have a little fun.

In my next series, I’m working to break away from the drama. I’m focusing on a smirk or warm hug. A two minute interaction between feuding characters. I’m trying to make small moments special because I hope to reach my readers more than ever. This can be done by producing characters like the one above.

But I can only be successful by mimicking the nature of the Joker’s GIF.

It isn’t what a character says that makes them eerie. It’s what they do before and after.

Writing is all about subtleties.


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