Superhero Brothers – My boys are best buds

My little ones are developing a stronger relationship each day. They talk and play, run through the backyard, fight, hug, hold hands, and genuinely enjoy each others company. Every day, I hear one of my toddlers scream, “I’m a superhero,” and they really are because they practice rescuing one another. Kairo notices when his little brother is sad and will rush to his aid. Kalel hates seeing his brother get in trouble and is always around to offer support.

There’s a lot that I could say about their connection, but I decided to let you read it for yourself. Recently, I wrote down one of their conversations word-for-word. It was so exciting to listen to that I decided to share it.

Part One – Accepting the call

Kairo: Let’s go ask Daddy to put on your cape.

I tie a cape around Kalel’s neck.

Kairo: You’re Super Why. I’m a Firefighter Superhero.

Part Two – Taking Stage

Kairo: Let’s run, Kalel.

Kalel: I superhero.

Part Three – Superhero Imagination

I have to provide some background information for this part. The boys have been traveling around the house, using their superpowers. Then, they decide to hang out in their room. They end up using their imagination to play while on Kairo’s bed.

Kairo: It’s not time to sleep, Kalel.

Halloween Costume Super Why BrothersKalel: Goodnight, Brubruh. Goodnight.

Kairo: Let me rub your back, Kalel. Let me tuck you in.

[Kalel fake cries]

Kairo: You want a hug, Kalel. Now, are you happy, Kalel?

Kalel: Yeah.

Kairo: Are you feeling better? You feeling better. We can fix you. Okay, let’s go to the doctor. We have to get your shots. Close your eyes and think of something happy. Is that Marshall or Zuma?

[Kalel sings the Daniel Tiger song that Kairo mentioned “Think of something happy”]

Awesome experience

Being a passive listener was an excellent experience for me. I enjoy watching the boys zip and zoom, like superheroes. Most of all, I love seeing their love and affection for one another grow.

Side note: I don’t want to lead you to any misunderstandings. This adorable moment was followed by one of the most challenging days I have ever faced as a father. My boys are TODDLERS. Kalel is turning TWO and Kairo is a strong THREE. This was the cutest moment I got all day, so I’ll focus on that for now.

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