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DemonOfGods Barcode 

Barcode: Demon of Gods

If you’re seeing a new post from me, you know what that means. You’ll notice that the description for the book is very short and I haven’t said a word about the plot. There are far too many twists this time. I can’t tell you what this is about, but don’t stop reading. I wrote this one to piss you off. You’re only punishing yourself if you stop early. Amazon Side note: Remember, these are books 5 and 6. Currently, you can only download the book from Amazon. Simon, your…

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Sexual Tension Writing 

Writing Sexual Tension

Gosh I’ve been trying to force myself to update this Human Sexuality section for so long, but I haven’t had the motivation to write (which should be my next blog post). Sexual Tension Why is it important in a story. Is it important? If you have romance, you need sexual tension. Being without it is like an action adventure script lacking thrill. This sensual concept is about building a lustful, yet endearing relationship. Most sexual tension comes through intensive arguments. A guy and girl are always fighting, probably because neither…

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