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Rank Your Top 10 Barcode Characters

I enjoyed writing my series for one reason: The characters. At times, I felt like crying with them or their anger boiled in my chest. I supported them fully in their endeavors and hated each villain that opposed them. At the same time, I enjoyed constructing villains with more noble intent than my protagonists. The series was fun to write overall. However, I want to rank the top ten and compare it to your list. Here are my favorite characters in order of least to greatest: Arnold Mishimoto Starting of…

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Character Design: Bailey

It looks like we’re coming down to the final stretch for the cover art. I expect the cover design to be completed by the end of this month. From there, we’ll move on to a few comic pieces that will be included in the novel. For now, check out the current design for Bailey. She’s a new character that will be introduced in Barcode: Eyes That Kill. I won’t reveal her age just yet, but let’s say she supposed look fairly mature for her age.

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