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House of Scorpion Books 

House of Scorpion

I recently read a great book that I’ll be using for my seventh graders, House of Scorpion. In short, the story is about the clone of a drug lord. The clone undergoes many challenges based on the discrimination he faces. Basically, people hate clones for various reasons. Therefore, they’re often treated as Negros from slavery days. At one point, the main character, Matt, is thrown into a room, told to crap in a bucket, treated like an animal, and verbally abused. The poor kid is in a prison within a…

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Free Books Writing 

Selling Big in Amazon Kindle Store

When it comes to selling eBooks in Amazon’s Free books section, people think that it’s quite simple. Either you’re ignorant or you’re intentionally being disrespectful when you claim, “I don’t want to give my book away for free.” Give? Hah! You can’t give your book away for free on Amazon. People have to want it. They have to go through the same steps they use to buy any item on Amazon. You’re not giving shit away. You’re selling it without receiving a profit. How do you sell your book on…

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Hopes_Betrayal-Grace_Elliot-600x900 Books 

Guest Post – Word Count or Time Target

I ran into another author on the web *digital crash*. This time it’s Grace Elliot. I received a blurb for Eulogy’s Secret, so I’m pretty excited about the book myself. You can see the Jane Austen influence in the cover. Want some advice on writing a novel? Here’s Grace: Word count or time target – which is more productive? The key to success (or one of them!) is getting the next book out there to build a loyal readership. In these days of instant gratification, when readers buy into your…

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