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White Noise 2 Life 

White Noise

The above image was a view from my friends’ beautiful wedding. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a helicopter hovering above the lake. We were delayed by two hours because of the white noise that the helicopters produced. There was a fire in the mountains that you see in the image. When things were at their worst, one of the other groomsmen asked, “Is that mist or smoke?” Smoke. There was no hope at that hour, due to the 104 degree temperature. Of course, even after two hours, the choppers…

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IMG_1204 Life Writing 

What You Value

Values. They’re tricky little monsters. In the past, I valued sleep. Independence. Growth. Maturation. And an enhancement in my own skills–teaching and writing. After my son was born, I found those values shifting. Now, I value collaboration. Time. And laughter. Growth and maturation are two things I could never give up, but I try to find a balance. I don’t dedicate my life to writing for hours. I also dropped a nasty habit of researching. Google has been my friend for years, but we’re spending a lot less time together. When…

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Agents Books 

New Release From Guy Harrison: Agent of Change

I have the pleasure of knowing an amazing writer. Most recently, he released his first novel. Guy Harrison is the author of Agents of Change which is now available at Amazon. If you’re interested in thrillers click here and download it now. If you want to know more about the author and the book, look no further. I had the privilige of interviewing him. 1. Tell me a little about yourself. I grew up in Philadelphia, but I currently live in Arizona. Although Agents of Change is my debut novel, I’ve…

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