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Where You Spend Time

Many people have often made the comment, “It must be nice being a full time writer.” My response, “Meh.” I love being at home, but I hate writing full time. I love having hours to write, but I hate being at home all the time. This is human nature. At least it’s my nature. Naturally, it’s very confusing. Am I a full time writer? Presently, yes. I recently quit my job to study for an exam. (Don’t ask how that exam went. It’s over. That’s all I know.) Because I…

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CSET English – Poetry

I’m trying to wrap my head around everything I need to study. In January, I have to take all four test for the CSET English. The CSET English Poetry sections in study guides are always a bit lacking in my opinion. I’ve developed my own study guide in order to get what I need. I decided to use my website as a means to learn more about a topic I enjoy. Writing. ABC These poems have five lines and use mood and imagery to evoke feelings from the reader. The first…

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