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hatejob Writing 

You Make Me Hate My Job

I’m just going to vent via words… Professionalism is swiftly becoming a thing of the past. I’m noticing more women unaware of what appropriate work attire looks likeĀ (leggings, low cut shirts, tight fitting clothing, etc.) I’m noticing more men unaware of what appropriate work attire looks like (no tie, no collared shirts, large clothing, etc.) I don’t mind it. Once upon a time, lack of professionalism pissed me off, but I’m beginning to embrace it. I just want this “structure” to completely collapse, so things get absolutely ridiculous. I want…

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chivalry Writing 

The Oppressive Nature of Chivalry

My dad never called it chivalry, but we always opened doors for women and stepped to the side of an elevator when ladies were behind us. And he didn’t teach it to me regularly. It was something that blindsided me. I was still in elementary and suddenly my dad was teaching me this foreign concept: “they” were different from “us.” Most of what I learned about chivalry was inactive. Pops told me once or twice that ladies should enter first, but I never knew why. It was just what a…

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