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Every novel I write has a theme song. I use that song for inspiration when I’m unable to get the mental juices flowing. Currently, I’m writing Barcode: Eyes That Kill. The theme song for this novel is “Power” by Kanye West. Yesterday, I heard this song during my jog. I was nearing the end and quite tuckered out. I didn’t think I’d be able to keep the pace I’d given myself. But when this song came on, I immediately thought of my main character, Kode. He’s a laid back type…

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Black Ranger Writing 

Finding Your Skill(s)

It’s easy to say, “I have no skills.” I almost think it’s natural. If you’re a humble human being, you may not look at yourself as the best or brightest, but you have to know your strengths and abilities. Finding or recognizing those strengths can be a journey in itself. When I was a kid, I thought of stories all day long. Once Mighty Morphin Power Rangers went off, I would mentally clothe myself in the Black Ranger’s uniform. Then, I’d throw my best attempt at a round house kick….

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Life__s_a_journey_by_vonStrago Writing 

Writing Life Experiences

When I was in undergrad, I was told that most graduate programs only accepted seasoned writers. They only wanted people 25 and older that had significant experience to back up their writing. My initial response was, “Oh hells no. Ageism will only divide us!” I was prepared to fight for my right to write. But I just let the topic go. I applied to some psychology programs and got over it. Years after graduating and doing nothing with my life, I reflected on this concept. Does experience really make you…

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Relax Writing 

Taking Time To Relax

I think I’ve been stressing over writing novels too much lately. Grace Elliot recently did a guest post for gaining readership. One of the things she speaks about is cranking out enough novels to gain a larger audience. Similar thoughts have been on my mind a lot. So much that they were becoming destructive. Normally, I’m the type of writer that can sit down for an hour and crank out one or two chapters, occasionally three. My speed is nice and the quality often follows, though I make enough mistakes…

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shutterstock_59784760 Writing 

I Almost Feared Success

I have a question that I’d like answered. Have you ever feared your own success? I work with children in an after school program. Interacting with elementary students has taught me one thing, they openly doubt themselves. Not enough of them hear how special and brilliant they are. They scream, “I can’t.” I say, “You can.” But they won’t believe me. That means, they don’t believe in themselves. Self doubt starts at a very young age and doesn’t often go away. The confident and daring friends I had as a…

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