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Frequency Flow Writing 

The Flow of Writing

Writing is about flow. Everything in life has a frequency and writing is no different. Have you ever driven behind someone on the freeway and noticed their speed increase and decrease? Have you payed attention to the way cars drift left to right ever so slightly? What about the way your emotions are stable one day but the weight of the world gets you the next? That’s life. A frequency of ups and downs. I’ve discovered my writing flow. Knowing my ups and downs allows me to maximize my potential…

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The-Only-Exception-paramore-10457769-661-449 Music 

Good Music’s Writing Advice

What is good music? I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard that phrase in my lifetime. Kanye West even named an entire label “GOOD Music” though his newest artists are far from being capable of producing anything that can qualify as good. Good music has an engaging story and emotional tone. It draws you in and helps you experience the writer’s situation. Many songs try telling you a story from beginning to end. That’s not the way music works and it shouldn’t be how you write. The most…

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