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admitting-you-re-a-jerk-is-the-first-step Life 

INTP – The Jerk Process

I love taking personality tests, especially Myer’s Briggs. People commonly mistake a personality test with a person’s personality, but the two don’t correlate. Actually, personality tests reveal how a person processes, not how they will behave. For example, I’m an INTP. In short, I’m optimistic, creative, spontaneous, great in a crisis, relaxed, stubborn, insensitive, private, easily bored, hate commitment, and I tend to indulge in dangerous behavior. Most people may scoff, “You? Optimistic?” Yes, haters. I’m actually quite positive, though I trash talk with the best of ’em. But that’s…

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Frequency Flow Writing 

The Flow of Writing

Writing is about flow. Everything in life has a frequency and writing is no different. Have you ever driven behind someone on the freeway and noticed their speed increase and decrease? Have you payed attention to the way cars drift left to right ever so slightly? What about the way your emotions are stable one day but the weight of the world gets you the next? That’s life. A frequency of ups and downs. I’ve discovered my writing flow. Knowing my ups and downs allows me to maximize my potential…

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