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drawing on paper by Laurie Lipton Life 

Bokanovsky’s Process and Technology

Community, Identity, Stability. That is the driving force behind the Bokanovsky Process. The Bokanovsky Process is a fictional human cloning process in “Brave New World.” It is described in detail in chapter one of the novel. The description is long and drawn out, so I’ll try to simplify it: 96 humans grow where only one grew before. The Bokanovsky Process is interesting because there are two fundamental parts to it: Hatcheries and Conditioning. The process mainly occurs in the Hatcheries Division–this is where embryos are manufactured, labeled, and predestined. However,…

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admitting-you-re-a-jerk-is-the-first-step Life 

INTP – The Jerk Process

I love taking personality tests, especially Myer’s Briggs. People commonly mistake a personality test with a person’s personality, but the two don’t correlate. Actually, personality tests reveal how a person processes, not how they will behave. For example, I’m an INTP. In short, I’m optimistic, creative, spontaneous, great in a crisis, relaxed, stubborn, insensitive, private, easily bored, hate commitment, and I tend to indulge in dangerous behavior. Most people may scoff, “You? Optimistic?” Yes, haters. I’m actually quite positive, though I trash talk with the best of ’em. But that’s…

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