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Why ‘Self-Helps’ Don’t Help (Part 1)

Background Information Recently, I’ve taken a temporary position at a computer lab. The previous lab attendant is out on maternity leave. That woman is actually the inspiration of this post. When I meet new people, I Google them. Holding true to my habit, I typed her unique name online and found several websites about her. Like me, the young lady is an author. However, she writes Self-Help Novels. I have nothing against the books or their writers. However, after seeing her video post about another author, I really wanted to…

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Mediocrity Writing 

Not Giving Up But Not Getting Anywhere

This morning, I read a very interesting post about procrastination by Rob McClellan. To summarize, Rob suffers from procrastination. More interestingly, he sees a root cause, fear of failing. I love blogs that are about brutal honesty. The best way to point out a flaw in society is to start with our own world, the one we can manipulate and control. Though I don’t suffer from procrastination, Rob mentions something that I can understand completely, fear of mediocrity. If there’s one thing on this world that scares the hell out of…

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