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Yellow Diamond Hunter Cover Yellow Diamond Hunter 


Normally, I feel accomplished when I complete a book. But this one was tough. I worked really hard on Yellow Diamond Hunter. This isn’t like the Barcode Series. The story structure is very particular and the editing is much more precise than it was in the past. I’m sure there are still mistakes that I will correct over time, but until I can afford professional editing, I’ll have to work with what I have. Yellow Diamond Hunter can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the link. Please add a…

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florentinediamond2 Books 

Editing Updates for Sol of Ruby

So I’ve been MIA and it’s mostly because of my time management. I was forced to choose between spending 15 minutes writing an article for the website or 15 more minutes of editing. I am currently working on the first novel in my next series. I originally intended to hire an editor to publish this novel. Unfortunately, my son’s expenses were a little more than I could budget for. Therefore, I was given two options: Write all 3 novels of the series and publish them once I have enough money…

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Sales Pitch Writing 

Selling Books Isn’t Easy

When I worked at a real estate office as an administrative assistant (a suicide worthy job) I knew a guy that did his best to deliver daily quotes that would linger in your mind. He was the type of person that intentionally said something witty to impress you. For example: “Morning, Dave!” “Morning, Kash.” “How’s it going?” “You know! I can’t complain and it probably wouldn’t do any good if I did.” I can honestly tell he lived by his philosophies. He wasn’t the type to complain without looking for…

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Twitter Baby Books 

Guest Post – The Independent Author’s Guide to Self-Promotion

Advertising is hard. I don’t know how the guys on Mad Men do it. I had to jump right in it with both feet because I had little choice. I’m an indie author. I exemplify “independent” in every possible way. I have no agent, no publicist, no major publshing house behind me doing the heavy lifting so I can focus on nothing but writing. All I have are some close friends and family reading each chapter as I finish them. They call me on mistakes and try to poke holes…

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High Tech #1 Writing 

KDP Select Results – End Of Day One

Before today, I was ranked 113, 966 in the Kindle store. Here are my results as of 11:00 p.m. #826 Free in Kindle Store #43 in Fantasy #29 in Science Fiction #12 in Contemporary Fantasy #1 in High Tech Science Fiction I’ve followed these numbers all day. Sometimes, I found myself staring at them for no reason at all. I’ve always been a numbers guy. I like to see results. Don’t judge me. Though this is a two day promotion that gives away my novel for free, I’m still very…

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kdp-select Writing 

Experimenting With KDP Select

Over the past few months, I’ve received some really good advice from an author friend that I trust, Russell Brooks. Three months ago, he entered all three of his novels into the KDP Select program.   The program was very successful for him. Yet, I always knew he had three books compared to my one and many more reviews. I knew that my experience would be very different. One of his books affect the other, allowing him the possibility to triple his sales. I nervously debated joining the program, but…

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Book Reviewers What I Think I Do Writing 

The Process Of Hunting Down Reviewers

So you just wrote a book. Shouldn’t reviewers vigorously chase you down? They should want your book so badly to promote their own websites that they’re constantly emailing the best authors, trying to get early copies of their books, right? Wrong. The indie author game is so flooded with books, it’s actually disgusting. I’m slightly ashamed of myself for adding to the amazing amount of books that can be purchased for under five dollars. It’s crazy. For those that don’t know, attracting a reviewer can be down right annoying. I want people…

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6a013486c99ea6970c015391e4b4f6970b-320wi Writing 

Is Self-Publishing Really The Solution?

I don’t have enough success in the self pub realm to really speak on this, but I do have an opinion. Barcode: Legend of Apollo has been on digital shelves for almost four weeks. During its first week, it rose to Hot New Releases. That was really a marketing plan invented by me. Though I couldn’t maintain the success, I was able to sell more in a week than some sell in their entire careers. And I’m not afraid of numbers either. In my first three days, I sold 65…

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51kPXxGWKpL Writing 

Where’d You Get That Cover Art?

Look at the title. Now look back at me. Now, look at the title again. Back at me! I’m on a rant about how authors get cover art, but don’t look to see who else is using their photos. I don’t know where this trend started, but it’s very common to see similar cover art for indie artists. I think what happens is these authors purchase photos from a website that looks nice and they hire someone to do the graphic design. So they take generic photos without having full…

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Kairoh_by_KashRoss Writing 

The Self-Publishing Experience

My novel will be up for sell in thirty-six hours and the entire process was one wild ride. Let’s summarize: 2005 I started reading Naruto. I loved the concept so much because the main hero would never give up. But my mind can’t just read. It must create. Thus, I started forming an enemy/ally for Naruto. He had no name but his eyes were sick. 2008 The fan fiction disappeared as I started considering creating my own comic. I got into character design and came up with some concepts for…

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