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The Next Book and Series

After reaching 30,000 and 40,000 words respectively, I have finally stumbled across the proper formula for the next series. The working title of the next books was Exodus, but I decided to change that to World Above The Shadows. And the first title will be Sol of Ruby. Below, I’m going to list the plot summary for Sol of Ruby without giving too much away. The intent is to kill two birds with one stone. My cover artists need something clear that they can work around and I’m teaching Creative…

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Barcode Series Writing 

Final Book Of A Series

I learned a valuable lesson when writing a five book series: Don’t do it again. Though I love writing the Barcode series and I’m getting more fans every day, I’m dreading this last novel. Why? Pressure. The first four books of the series are very emotional novels. They use complex characters to draw the reader in. I also use tragic events to give the antagonists motivation for blood. Well, eventually all of that has to die down. I’ve decided to avoid the emotional appeal to give the readers a break….

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