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expectationsandreality Education 

Reality and Expectations in Education

I think I’m starting to hate being a teacher, and my hatred didn’t spawn from some unknown underworld¬†without warning. Nope. This has been a long time coming. I’ve worked in more schools than the average teacher (with my limited experience): Two elementary schools Two middle schools One high school. Positions I’ve held: School teacher Teacher’s aid Library assistant Tutor Computer instructor History teacher English teacher I’ve done pretty much everything shy of administration, though I’ve taken on some administrative roles at a few charters. With my experience, I’ve come to…

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House of Scorpion Books 

House of Scorpion

I recently read a great book that I’ll be using for my seventh graders, House of Scorpion. In short, the story is about the clone of a drug lord. The clone undergoes many challenges based on the discrimination he faces. Basically, people hate clones for various reasons. Therefore, they’re often treated as Negros from slavery days. At one point, the main character, Matt, is thrown into a room, told to crap in a bucket, treated like an animal, and verbally abused. The poor kid is in a prison within a…

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