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expectationsandreality Education 

Reality and Expectations in Education

I think I’m starting to hate being a teacher, and my hatred didn’t spawn from some unknown underworld¬†without warning. Nope. This has been a long time coming. I’ve worked in more schools than the average teacher (with my limited experience): Two elementary schools Two middle schools One high school. Positions I’ve held: School teacher Teacher’s aid Library assistant Tutor Computer instructor History teacher English teacher I’ve done pretty much everything shy of administration, though I’ve taken on some administrative roles at a few charters. With my experience, I’ve come to…

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jordan lebron Writing 

LeBrons and Jordans

Recently, I made a comment to someone. It’s difficult to describe in context, so let me summarize: Person A made a general comment, such as, “In order to be successful, you must create an emotional bond with your clients.” I responded, “That’s not true. I know a very successful leader that used respect and rule enforcement to guide his followers. Person B added, “That may be so, but how many LeBrons and Jordans are there in the world?” Person B is who I’d like to discuss. Though the gentleman is…

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shutterstock_59784760 Writing 

I Almost Feared Success

I have a question that I’d like answered. Have you ever feared your own success? I work with children in an after school program. Interacting with elementary students has taught me one thing, they openly doubt themselves. Not enough of them hear how special and brilliant they are. They scream, “I can’t.” I say, “You can.” But they won’t believe me. That means, they don’t believe in themselves. Self doubt starts at a very young age and doesn’t often go away. The confident and daring friends I had as a…

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