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superpower Life 

If I Had Superpowers

There’s an age old question that goes: If you had superpowers, what would it be? Bruh. That’s a near impossible question to answer with certainty. In order to go about breaking down this question, I’d have to choose between my top three superpowers. Time Control Teleportation Mind Control From here, I’ve considered the pros and cons of each. Time Control Pros The ability to “do over.” Eternal life (if my¬†powers advance far enough) The ability to protect anyone at any time. Wealth. Cons Unwillingness to experience life “as is.” Perfectionist…

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Super Saiyan Writing 

Writing From Experience

Too many writers use the experience of characters from other novels and films to develop their characters. That’s why imagination is relatively low nowadays. Characters are often one dimensional because the writer doesn’t know how to convey something they’ve never experienced. With that being said, I find it very difficult to write fantasy novels. I love writing from experience,which is why most of my novels have romance in them. It’s also why I use harems and love triangles *wink*. However, I struggle relaying the true challenges of a superhuman and/or…

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