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Write a Novel. Complete a Novel

Somehow, I always manage to come across someone’s novel writing advice. Either it falls into my internet lap, or I search for it when I’m bored. Either way, I see the advice of others and think it’s absolute crap. Are you considering writing a novel? Then, why are you researching how it’s done? Writing a novel is all about gaining experience. Before I researched how to write over 50,000 words, I just sat down and wrote. I did this again, year after year, for two years straight. I believe I…

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Writing Novels From Scratch

If you’re considering beginning your first novel or writing another, you may know that beginning is an obstacle in itself. NaNoWriMo motivates many people to write their novels within a month.┬áIf you’re beginning the journey of writing a novel in a month or taking your time, here’s some writing advice to begin your manuscript: Outline Your Story One great way to outline is to look at stories that were successful and mimicking their process. For example, take the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight begins with the Joker and his crew…

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Should You Write A Novel?

Is anyone considering writing a novel? I know there’s a lot of advice out there, but I’d love to speak with something that’s thinking about it. If you’re debating, but unsure if you should begin the process, I say try it. I’m not saying invest all of your time into completing the next Harry Potter, but consider writing the first chapter. I want to write a book, but where do I begin? Think of something you’re really into. Rock climbing, motorcycles, high speed chases in convertibles, having sex in an…

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