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Good Music’s Writing Advice

What is good music? I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard that phrase in my lifetime. Kanye West even named an entire label “GOOD Music” though his newest artists are far from being capable of producing anything that can qualify as good. Good music has an engaging story and emotional tone. It draws you in and helps you experience the writer’s situation. Many songs try telling you a story from beginning to end. That’s not the way music works and it shouldn’t be how you write. The most…

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TAKEN 2 Movies 

Taken 2

My original reaction to hearing about the release of Taken 2 was :/ Sorry I can’t describe it in words, but that face does an excellent job. Though I was quite “meh” about the idea, I realized that this is great for writers to understand the concept of branding. It’s the same reason that Pixar stopped making new movies for a short period of time. (Yes we just shifted from Taken to Toy Story, but stick with me). When Pixar was bought by Disney, Disney decided to concentrate on branding….

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Segway1 Writing 

Writing Advice – Extraordinary Average Day

Life is a reoccurring boring cycle day in and day out. Writers often create elaborate fantasies that don’t happen every day, right? Wrong. Life is filled with small moments that are much better anything on the Kardashians. Thing might be better when holding something as sexy as Kim Kardashian’s cakes (Kanye, I’m jealous. I hate you.) but there’s always something exciting to write about from your day to day experiences. Whether you’re writing a fiction or a biography, you need to learn how to choose the best moments. Story My wife and…

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Politically Correct Writing 

Don’t Compare Your Word To The ‘N’ Word

My wife and I had another wonderful conversation last night and I’m pretty sure I offended her again, but she’ll live. It seems that using the term “homosexual” is offensive and that’s exactly what the evil character in my novel did. I understand that it has a long history, but I don’t want to get into right now. For the moment, let’s make a list of all the political incorrect terms: Bum Coon Cracker Crazy Criminal Eastern Fag Fairy Fat Founding Fathers Garbage Man Ghetto Handicapped Housewife – no joke….

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