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blackalchemyhero Yellow Diamond Hunter 

Black Alchemy Hunter – Prologue

I haven’t been writing like I should, but I have been writing. I don’t want people to think that I’ve disappeared into Kode’s shadows, so I’ve developed a solution to my satisfy all of us (all 4 people who read this page). I have a lot of stories that I throw away. After completing an initial draft, I often discard it and use bits and pieces to construct a stronger formula. Because managing a website, having two kids, teaching, and writing novels is a bit much, I thought I could post…

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Screenplay Books 

What I’ve Learned From Screenplays

I wrote a screenplay recently. Immediately after completing my first one, I began a second. I’ve always tried to complete a screenplay before, but I was never able to commit. They’re very different than novels. Screenplays are blank canvases and novels are blank sidewalks. With a screenplay, a writer has to make art fit on a limited amount of space. Dialogue, scene descriptions, and character progression are all limited. You have to build relationships with only three lines in a scene. Less is more. With novels, there’s a lot more…

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Mind Fart Writing 

Mind Fart

I just wrote an email about mind farts. That’s when a writer’s mind gets gassy. They can’t think of anything to jot down on paper. I’m not saying that I never draw a blank when writing, but I rarely allow it to prevent me from producing something. Mind farts are all about how much you are afraid to fail. If you fear the work that you will produce, you will never write anything worthwhile. Being an author is all about taking risks. Sometimes, you just need to experiment with the…

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florentinediamond2 Books 

Editing Updates for Sol of Ruby

So I’ve been MIA and it’s mostly because of my time management. I was forced to choose between spending 15 minutes writing an article for the website or 15 more minutes of editing. I am currently working on the first novel in my next series. I originally intended to hire an editor to publish this novel. Unfortunately, my son’s expenses were a little more than I could budget for. Therefore, I was given two options: Write all 3 novels of the series and publish them once I have enough money…

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Joker Sublteties Writing 

Subtleties in Writing or Subtle Writing

Acting is all about subtleties. With the joker, it isn’t just about what he says, but how. Don’t focus on his lips, which are amazingly creepy. Look at his eyebrows at the end. Check the headshake. Most book to film adaptations do not “feel” right because most films cannot capture the tremendous emotion in novels within two hours. However, most great films, like the Dark Knight series, never become books because you cannot capture the subtleties in actors like Heath Ledger. But you can try. When writing, it is important…

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IMG953610 Life 


It’s official. I’m a daddy. My little man exited the womb last Friday at 3:54 pm. He gave his mom a hard time on the way out, but she had an extremely fast labor, so I’m happy. One of my close friends, Tracy, recently asked, “Are you ready to be a father?” To that, I had a very snarky reply. Now that my guy is by my side, I’m definitely ready. More than ever, I’m scared. I’m not afraid of taking care of him or the lack of sleep. I’m…

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avengers-movie-screencaps_com-1451 Writing 

The Makeup of Women

Malcolm Gladwell says that mastery in your specific field requires 10,000 hours of practice. I’ve practiced creative writing since I was in 8th grade, but I’m far from mastery. Still, as I continue to grow, I learn more about women. In writing, especially film, women are made to fit a certain mold. Even if a woman is in a role of power, she is placed into certain categories. A little box. She is stereotyped. First and foremost, she must be sexy. Lastly, she cannot have too much power. All women in…

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1-zombie-anime-artistic-pictures-anime-manga Writing 

The Next Book and Series

After reaching 30,000 and 40,000 words respectively, I have finally stumbled across the proper formula for the next series. The working title of the next books was Exodus, but I decided to change that to World Above The Shadows. And the first title will be Sol of Ruby. Below, I’m going to list the plot summary for Sol of Ruby without giving too much away. The intent is to kill two birds with one stone. My cover artists need something clear that they can work around and I’m teaching Creative…

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tumblr_lttqs7HbkO1r5xzspo1_500 Writing 

New Writing Technique

I’m growing up to be a big boy. Yeah. I’m still 5’6, but I’ve matured as a writer. Last week, I sat down to write a plot outline. Gasp! I know. Me writing an outline? In the past, I used more character centered text that would allow protagonists to drive the story in various ways. This style appeals to people who read anime, but it will not lend to a best seller. Not easily at least. Here are the pros to writing a character centered story: All characters have backstories…

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anime-girl-writing Writing 

Write a Novel. Complete a Novel

Somehow, I always manage to come across someone’s novel writing advice. Either it falls into my internet lap, or I search for it when I’m bored. Either way, I see the advice of others and think it’s absolute crap. Are you considering writing a novel? Then, why are you researching how it’s done? Writing a novel is all about gaining experience. Before I researched how to write over 50,000 words, I just sat down and wrote. I did this again, year after year, for two years straight. I believe I…

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