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Is it Difficult to Market Novels Online?

Is online marketing hard? Yes. There are many ways to market your novel online. I personally use social media websites to market my novels and that gets tedious. Writing blogs, interacting on Facebook, posting witty comments on Twitter, and staying active on Goodreads can consume a lot of your time. Worst of all, social media is only the beginning. If you want your novel to get the most exposure, you have to create backlinks. Backlinks are websites that link to your website. You don’t want the links to go both…

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Cutting Back

This week, I took time to revise my novel, cutting back on unnecessary explanations and lengthy conversations. I spent an entire week revising book one in The Barcode Series. I’m already working on the fourth novel (Eyes That Kill), but I knew the first book needed some attention. I probably invested 60 hours in seven days, and the work payed off. Halfway through the manuscript, I could see my growth as a writer and editor. There were so many things I wanted to improve and I did. Though I spent a significant…

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Heart Attack Writing Advice

Trey Songz has immaculate writing skills. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s a novelist, screenwriter, and playwright. Doode has skillz (like how I used that “z”?) In one of his more recent tracks–though most of his music is recent because he makes enough mixtapes to fill an iPod–Songz speaks about relationships. I’m talking about “Heart Attack” and for those of you unfamiliar with the track, you can guess from the title that this relationship didn’t end well. For you writers out there, I want to analyze the lyrics to…

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TAKEN 2 Movies 

Taken 2

My original reaction to hearing about the release of Taken 2 was :/ Sorry I can’t describe it in words, but that face does an excellent job. Though I was quite “meh” about the idea, I realized that this is great for writers to understand the concept of branding. It’s the same reason that Pixar stopped making new movies for a short period of time. (Yes we just shifted from Taken to Toy Story, but stick with me). When Pixar was bought by Disney, Disney decided to concentrate on branding….

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Writing Advice – Extraordinary Average Day

Life is a reoccurring boring cycle day in and day out. Writers often create elaborate fantasies that don’t happen every day, right? Wrong. Life is filled with small moments that are much better anything on the Kardashians. Thing might be better when holding something as sexy as Kim Kardashian’s cakes (Kanye, I’m jealous. I hate you.) but there’s always something exciting to write about from your day to day experiences. Whether you’re writing a fiction or a biography, you need to learn how to choose the best moments. Story My wife and…

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visualSched6 Writing 

Writing Schedule

When you’re a busy professional, how do you find time to work writing into your schedule? I don’t know if I’m bold enough to call myself a professional, but I work 9 hours per day. When I get home there are so many things to do. By the time I’m done, I generally feel the need to curl up with a sexy lady called sleep. This week, I’ve promised to find time to write and I will. For those of you that are suffering something similar, you may not be…

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The Art of The Rewrite

I saw a quote today that went something like, “If it feels like I’m writing, I rewrite.” That’s pretty sound advice. My last few chapters of Barcode: New War Order were “meh.” The story was being forced. The scenes had rough transitions and I was thinking for my characters. The end was within sight and I could’ve easily finished before diving into editing, but it wasn’t right. I decided to trash the manuscript and start from scratch. I kept a few bits and pieces, especially lengthy explanations, but the rest is toast….

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seppuku Writing 

The Life Of A Writer

Just thought I’d let people know what it’s like on a day-to-day basis for some of us writers: Wake up…decide to write a novel Worry who will want to read it Does research on publishing and finds a gem: Self Publishing! Writes book Goes to sleep Wake up again Publish on Amazon Goes to sleep Wakes up No sales Sleep Wakes up in the middle of the night to pee No sales Sleep Wakes up and checks sales on nearest electronic device: 1 Sale!!! Mom calls and says, “You sound…

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Yesterday, I visited one of my cousins in order to teach him how to play dominoes. He thought he’d never learn, but it did pretty well. For those that haven’t played, dominoes is a really simple game that can get complex. Here’s what the game looks like:  That’s the dominoes in the box. You remove the pieces and connect them. In order to score, your dominoes have to add up to a product of five. For standard rules, the highest possible score at one time is 35, but that’s rare….

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Consistency in Novel Reviews

Writers expect reviews. It’s a given. When you create anything online nowadays, you can almost always expect someone to respond. Smart writers expect bad reviews. I read a quote on someone’s website yesterday that said, “It’s not difficult to get a review. It’s really easy to get one star reviews.” Ain’t that the truth? But it’s not a bad thing. Getting a one star review means someone actually purchased your story and read the entire thing, generally. I appreciate all of my reviews, good or bad. My only problem is…

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