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Next Big Brand – Wreck It Ralph

Learning to create a brand can be difficult, but Wreck It Ralph is on the the path for success. First, I want to say that my wife and I will be in the theaters on the weekend of its release. We won’t be late. We will have snacks. And yes, watch it when all the  loud kids are asleep (morning time). Back to the topic: Wreck It Ralph has already branded itself. There’s no work to be done here. This franchise will have a Part 2 and 3. I’m almost…

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Heart Attack Writing Advice

Trey Songz has immaculate writing skills. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s a novelist, screenwriter, and playwright. Doode has skillz (like how I used that “z”?) In one of his more recent tracks–though most of his music is recent because he makes enough mixtapes to fill an iPod–Songz speaks about relationships. I’m talking about “Heart Attack” and for those of you unfamiliar with the track, you can guess from the title that this relationship didn’t end well. For you writers out there, I want to analyze the lyrics to…

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Why Not Write YA?

For those that don’t know, YA stands for Young Adult. It’s a category for novels. It took me some time to figure out how to differentiate between YA and adult. Here’s a simple break down: YA = Character ages 17 or below & no sex Adult = Character ages 18 and above & sex There are plenty of factors that split the difference, but those two narrow the playing fields for me. My novel, Barcode: The Legend of Apollo, is not YA. Why not? Nudity and intimacy. Why don’t I…

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