Taken 2

My original reaction to hearing about the release of Taken 2 was :/ Sorry I can’t describe it in words, but that face does an excellent job.

Though I was quite “meh” about the idea, I realized that this is great for writers to understand the concept of branding. It’s the same reason that Pixar stopped making new movies for a short period of time. (Yes we just shifted from Taken to Toy Story, but stick with me).

When Pixar was bought by Disney, Disney decided to concentrate on branding. Therefore, a lot of part twos came out. Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars, etc. Disney knows that kids will do multiple things when they see an additional movie:

  1. Convince their parents to take them to see the new one.
  2. Buy gear relating to the movie
  3. View/Buy new copies of the old movie.

That’s branding and it works on adults just as well.

If you view the trailer above, you’ll see the same character with the same threatening tone on the same phone threatening the same people. That’s a brand. You stick closely to the original script, characters, and concepts in order draw in the old consumers while motivating the new.

Writing Advice

When you write your next manuscript, make it a brand. Keep it simple enough to draw in the reader. If you make a sequel, they’ll already be hooked

Taken 2 (PG-13) Opens October 5th

Brian Mills discovers what it feels like when a father comes after him for revenge. This time, his ex-wife is taken hostage and he must work to rescue her while protecting himself and his daughter.

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